Friday, July 1, 2016

VBS Week 2016

The title pretty much says it all. Everything around here halted this week so that Amber could serve as a group leader for the second grade during our church's vacation Bible school. I also served in the kitchen preparing snacks for the kids and volunteers attending, but mostly I was there as support if Amber had any issues. And she did great all on her own!

It was difficult for her (and me) to get up at 7:00am for five days in a row and to be active all morning with the kids. She rested in the afternoon most days, however one day a friend came home with us and another we went straight to the GI doctor who requested Amber come in.

I have no pictures of Amber while at VBS because my kitchen duties started immediately after the morning volunteer devotion / meeting and ran through the time Amber was in the daily closing with her group. At least I did see Amber a each day during snack and I was able to watch the closing.

Welcome to Chapel Ranch (Amber and her friend made the sign) and then afternoon exhaustion at the GI doctor.

We are both more than exhausted and it will take days to recover. We literally fall asleep when we stop moving. I overworked my back this week which resulted in the pinched nerve acting up yesterday afternoon. I could feel it getting tired on Wednesday, and now today I'm basically limited to sitting with my back supported or standing with my back supported. There's no bending or lifting - so technically I only worked 4 of the 5 days of  VBS. Today I just sat on a comfy couch waiting for Amber to finish... for 4 hours.

Today, being July 1st, marks our official start of high school hours recording even though we don't start back to full time school until August 1st. That means in the next few days I'll need to finalize all the data in Homeschool Tracker and print out the reports to be filed with this year's school work samples. In Missouri there is required documentation for homeschoolers to keep, however nobody ever checks the files we keep nor do we need to send proof of anything anywhere. It's nice to not have any bureaucracy to deal with, but the rules are rather silly at times.

Our kitties were very needy this week!
We're still working on Amber's reflux and stomach issues, but have figured out one piece of the most recent puzzle: Amber is allergic to Pepcid.  Yes, she actually had what is considered an allergic reaction to it, so some of those weird symptoms she had after transitioning off of Nexium to Pepcid were due to the allergy. She's taking a break from reflux medications and will try another in a week or so.

I did post a review this week of a favorite homeschooling resource: Check it out if you have time!

Enjoy the Independence Day weekend!

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  1. Awesome week. You guys were real troopers!
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I'm so glad Amber was able to participate in VBS! How weird about that allergy! Have an awesome July 4th!

  3. Wow! I miss the days when my daughter got to help out with Amber during VBS.

    1. Chapel now does background checks on everyone for insurance purposes. Even those under 18 years have to complete some paperwork and have a letter of recommendation. It's not impossible, but it's different for non-member volunteers than in the past.

  4. What a fun but busy week :) I hope you back has recovered x