Friday, August 5, 2016

The First Week of High School (Wk 1)

We successfully made it through the very first week of Amber's official high school years without any problems, academic or otherwise. A celebration might be in order.

Actually, unless things change dramatically, I don't expect this year or most of high school to be too terribly difficult. Amber has a great attitude toward her lessons and even when she doesn't feel the best is willing to work hard. Her work ethic completely changes when she is quite ill, so it's one of our indicators of how significant a flare of her chronic illnesses is.

Our traditional first day picture, and a new high school sign picture.
It felt wonderful to have a clean school slate, so to speak. I know Amber earned quite a few high school credits in 7th and 8th grade considering all of 8th grade was high school level. However we've decided to disregard those for the moment. If she ends up needing the middle school credits in order to graduate on time in 2020, then I can pick those back up since they are well documented in Homeschool Tracker. Otherwise, there is plenty for Amber to study in the next four years to come up with more than enough credits to graduate. The only issue is her health and mental stamina, she has the will and interest to push forward.

I will admit we did not have a single full day of school this week by design. I toyed with putting the start of school off until next week because we did have quite a few appointments over the week. However, recognizing that we usually have trouble completing full days the first week, I decided to squeeze school in around our obligations to get the first week jitters out of the way during an already disjointed week.

My expectations for the week were blown away right off the bat when Amber finished last year's physical science course on Tuesday. I honestly was hoping for Friday and expecting next week. Amber had other plans because she knew that botany would not start until physical science was complete. Therefore, we start botany next week!

Science at the Volvo dealership and free time doodling.
Along with introducing all of Amber's other school subjects for the year and completing a rather astonishing amount of math (maybe the break from math over the summer did her some good), Amber particularly enjoyed her creative writing curriculum, One Year Adventure Novel. This probably isn't a shock, but her enthusiasm for writing was rather over the top.

We've also already altered Amber's homeschool co-op schedule before classes even start. I was scheduled to teach an advanced embroidery class, but registration was not what we hoped although I could have held the class still. Instead I'm meeting another need the co-op has by teaching Speech using Speech Boot Camp from IEW. This is something I wished Amber to have experience with in high school, and so encouraged (perhaps rather strongly) her to take the class.

OT this week put Amber through a survey of her interests to help discern a good possible career match. Predictably, she was sorted as creative first (by a large margin), then investigative and conventional with the remainder of the categories being negligible. We've had a good time looking through their information, however the OT was quick to point out this is just a tool to help you know yourself better and not a comprehensive list of options. Amber did learn that her combination of interests does not match a specific career field and it is suggested that she fulfill her needs for one of the categories as a hobby. 

All the cats were super needy this week. The siblings were especially adorable too.
In her free time, Amber is happily back to drawing and doodling with intense focus. She doesn't think her work is very good, but it brings her great enjoyment and she definitely needs the outlet.

As a family, we finally finished watching the TV series Sanctuary and are now even missing the re-vamped Tesla character. We started and finished the Shannara Chronicles TV series this week (there are only 10 episodes in the first season), and must find another show to binge watch in the evenings.  Any ideas?

That's it for our first official week of high school!

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  1. Happy first week! I am glad it went so well. Ours was a bit shaky, but that was to be expected.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Looks like a pretty good start to your first week of school! I like the idea of banking those early earned high school credits just in case Amber needs them someday! Speech class will be a great experience. My girls got some speech giving experience by giving 4H demonstrations when they were younger! Rebekah opted to do her college speech class online so she wouldn't have to get up in front of a crowd of people!! I hope you guys have an even better second week of school!