Friday, August 12, 2016

Week 2 - Our First (unplanned) Break

You've probably figured it out from the title that we didn't actually have formal school lessons this week. It was entirely unplanned, yet necessary. The second week of high school, and we already had a sick week. Amber has spent the week going to urgent care, the emergency room, and various follow-up doctor visits.

It all started last Friday when she was bit by a random bug on her right lower arm while we were out and about during the day. By Saturday evening the bite was rather swollen, itchy and red. We treated with Benadryl and hydrocortisone cream, but it wasn't enough to help anything but the itch. Her swelling and redness kept growing along with some pain.

Sunday we took her to the urgent care and she was diagnosed with cellulitis (bacterial infection under the skin) and put on the antibiotic keflex. By Monday after three doses of keflex, the redness, pain, and swelling were still increasing despite assurances it should have already stopped growing. We went straight from Amber's physical therapy appointment to the ER. Amber already had gunk that needed to be drained / removed.

A follow-up appointment for wound care, and the three cats in one small area - the bopping started immediately after this picture.
The doctor applied a lidocaine cream and let it sit for half an hour before starting the procedure. However, poor Amber has Ehlers Danlos and lidocaine does nothing for her. The ER doctor didn't really believe us and knew zero about Ehlers Danlos, so she went ahead and used her scalpel to open up Amber's arm and then scrape all the yucky stuff out.  Amber was SO brave and sat still while silently crying in pain. I don't think the doctor still believed she felt it all. The massive shot of Clindamycin didn't help her pain levels either.  It really was a horrible experience for a child with EDS and sensory processing disorder.

While yes the stuff needed to come out, this ER is part of the same hospital network as Children's Hospital and even proudly proclaims to have pediatricians in the ER for a pediatric ER unit. This doctor got the job done, but was not good with kids - not at all. And she really needs to learn when we say lidocaine doesn't work, that perhaps there is something else to try.  Thankfully, the next day our regular pediatrician's nurses were aghast and gave us information about a better place to go for wounds - turns out it was exactly where we had been for PT.

After a week of ups and downs with the open wound, three doses a day of the oral clindamycin, and several additional doctor's visits, I think Amber is finally out of the woods. We were trying hard to avoid a hospital stay for IV antibiotics. However, we would have done what was needed because the ER doctor was fairly confident it was either staph or MRSA in there. She was treating as if those were the bacterial options.  We haven't heard back about the culture, but also were only going to be called if the culture showed anything unexpected.

After the confirmation testimony meeting (she was so relieved), playing a new Ninjago app, and one of our hydrangeas that she thought was especially pretty.
Amber skipped flute this week because she couldn't really use her right arm at all. She did attend a meeting with one of our pastors to have her confirmation testimony approved and schedule her date to speak in front of the congregation. We watched a lot of Olympics, and played a little bit on the PS3 - Amber was feeling nostalgic and wanted to play WipEout HD, which was last released on the PS3, and had lunch with friends today.

We're hoping to have a better school week coming up with lots of new subjects and progress made. I guess it's a good thing we started early, since we already needed a sick week.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Bless her heart! She's definitely brave, and tough as nails enduring that without the pain meds working. Prayers that it all clears up soon.

  2. Sounds like a rough week. Hope the coming week is without drama.

  3. Yikes! I hate it when doctors don't listen. I hope next week is filled with nothing but peace.
    Blessings, Dawn

  4. OH my goodness; what an awful week! I am so sorry that the Dr. didn't listen; I hate when they do that! Prayers that next week is nice and uneventful.

  5. I hope the infection has all cleared up and this has been a better school week for you. I think I would have punched out that ER doctor!