Friday, August 26, 2016

Week 4 - Return of the Co-op

This we we started back to that magical place called homeschool co-op. YeS, I'm being just a bit sarcastic for my part, but I think it might be an accurate depiction of Amber's feelings.

Regular lessons at home were still not up to the full schedule we planned out in late July, however they are getting close. Amber only had two appointments this week and on the same day! It was me that caused the disruption in our school schedule with two appointments of my own on entirely different days. That means we had three days of appointments to work around, plus flute lesson, and a full day of co-op.  Here's hoping next week stays as currently scheduled.

First day of co-op; Yes, it's a Doctor Who shirt... and earrings, and necklace.
A picture of a sweet kitty and a picture of three naughty kitties. All caught in the act of misbehaving.
Although we prefer Amber to take only enrichment classes at co-op, she is taking two content-type classes which I happen to be teaching: health and speech. It's her first time since we joined the co-op in 6th grade to be in one of my classes. Today, she's already completed her homework for both of my classes, plus several other subjects. We might finally be back into our groove.

Co-op went well for both of us. She enjoyed all of her classes and wasn't too sickly that evening or the next morning. I made it through all of my classes without forgetting anything, even if Amber says it is weird having her mom for a teacher. She thinks I'm a dork; so, she's a normal teenager.

Teaching the Classics arrived earlier this week, but we haven't had a chance to go through it yet in literature. I am hopeful that we will complete it next week and be ready to embark on our high school literature journey using the methods and literary works we desire. I've felt a great sense of relief all week after finally coming to our literature curriculum decision.

Being silly with Grandma at lunch one day, waiting for ME in a waiting room, and more LEGOs.
I've been purposeful in setting aside more of my time to interact with Amber during the school day to ensure she is on track. I also need to be timely in my response to her finished assignments, which is something I faltered on last year.  Oddly enough, I'm getting more chores completed around the house while still working more often with Amber.  I guess prioritizing my day differently has worked out as intended.

We have family visiting this weekend, so not much will be accomplished around here other than relaxing and enjoying our company. Next week, we are striving for our full school and activity schedule.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. It looks like you are off in running! Hope next week is just as great.
    blessings, Dawn