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{Review} CrossTimber Personalized Framed Plaque with Name Meaning and Bible Verse

CrossTimber Name Meaning Gifts Review

Finding unique gifts for our high school age daughter has been a challenge for us ever since she has grown out of the toy phase. With Amber's confirmation coming up (this weekend!), the heat was on to find meaningful mementos to give her during the final stages of the process. At exactly the perfect time, we were introduced to CrossTimber through the Homeschool Review Crew and decided to use the Personalized Framed Plaque with Name Meaning and Bible Verse as a gift to commemorate Amber's final and public questioning prior to confirmation.

CrossTimber offers a wide line of name meaning gifts that are highly customizible through a website that is straightforward and easy to use. After looking around on the site, I decided to go ahead with the Personalized Framed Plaque with Name Meaning and Bible Verse that was offered to the Review Crew, but I could have also applied my credit towards a different plaque, a mug, or even a music box. For our purpose, a framed plaque seemed the most appropriate.

CrossTimber Name Meaning Gifts Review

Ordering was a breeze too, at least after I sifted through the numerous options! I was able to select the background used for Amber's plaque by navigating through a menu system which sorts the backgrounds by category, and then viewing smaller versions of each image. Clicking on the image allowed me to see a larger and more detailed version, although it still took me a good while to make my decision between several beautiful backgrounds. In the end, I went with one that reflected Amber's love of music. However, there were also nature and faith related backgrounds that I felt drawn to for this particular occasion.

Once you have your background set, it's time to select a frame. Again the options range from ornate to simple & clean lines, or you can choose to receive just the printed picture by mail or email (for those in a hurry).  After much mental debating, I choose to go with the easiest option of them all: Frame Artist's Choice. Meaning, the lovely people at CrossTimber chose for me the frame they felt looked best with the final design of Amber's plaque. I must say, I was entirely pleased with their selection!

CrossTimber Name Meaning Gifts Review

The people at CrossTimber are some of the nicest and kindest you will encounter in online purchasing. They are prompt in answering emails and always willing to help you find a name meaning in advance of your order. Since I already knew what Amber's name means, I felt prepared to order without verifying her name meaning. I did consider querying them on the verse that would be chosen for her name, since this would be a gift associated with Amber's confirmation. However, in the end I decided that her actual confirmation verse is not well suited to a name related product. So, I let the Bible verse written on the name meaning plaque be a surprise for us all.

I did somehow make a mistake in ordering, quite possibly when I was waffling back and forth between various backgrounds. I only realized it as I completed the online order and saw the wrong background in the confirmation. My first thought was, "Well, I've messed this up entirely." Still, the people at CrossTimber had been so approachable in their initial emails, that I decided to see if they could catch the order prior to production and fix my error. Of course, they responded quickly and with grace. I had no concerns that the final product would not arrive as I initially hoped.

Once my order shipped, I was able to track its swift progress to my house where it arrived 3 days early and in time to present to Amber on the day of her confirmation questioning. Given my actual order date, the name plaque should not have arrived in time and we would have been giving it to her a couple of days late. Instead, it arrived early enough that I even was able to wrap the gift. Included along with the name meaning & verse plaque was a matching pocket card that I just knew Amber would adore. She loves to use small cards of this nature as bookmarks in both reading books and in her doodle / sketch diaries.

CrossTimber Name Meaning Gifts Review

Amber was pleased and grateful to receive the name plaque and promptly moved a most beloved dance picture to give the framed plaque a home on her display shelf. And true to form, she was equally enthralled with the bonus name card. Amber especially loves the subdued musical background along with the verse chosen. All in all, this was the perfect gift!

Shortly after we gifted Amber with her name plaque, I received another email from the kind people at CrossTimber with a special offer. In their rush to handle the influx of Homeschool Review Crew orders (and from what I understand our group of 90 reviewers placed substantially sized orders), an extra mug was made with Amber's name, verse and chosen background. It was offered to me at half price, if I so desired. However, no additional contact was made to try and sell me more than I had already received. It was simply an offer because they now had extra stock made up for Amber.

I had originally considered purchasing a mug for Amber, but wasn't sure she would be interested and, again, it wasn't exactly what I wanted for the occasion. Now that Amber had received her name meaning plaque, I was free to ask her opinion. I must admit, it took me a few days to remember to ask Amber and then to finally respond to the CrossTimber email. They, however, responded back to me quite promptly and shipped out the mug as soon as I sent my PayPal payment through.

CrossTimber Name Meaning Gifts Review

The mug arrived equally as speedy as the original name meaning plaque and also included the added bonus of a penny imprinted with the Lord's Prayer. Again, another perfect gift for Amber given her current situation.

We have been entirely pleased with every encounter we've had with CrossTimber and with their products. The name meaning plaque with Bible verse, pocket card, mug, and imprinted penny are all of the highest quality. Everything was packaged with extreme care and arrived at our home in perfect condition.
Next time you are looking for a unique and meaningful gift for a special person in your life, check out CrossTimber. You will be amazed at the variety, but the quality and customer service will bring you back again and again!

CrossTimber Name Meaning Gifts Review

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Personalized Framed Plaque with Name Meaning and Bible Verse {CrossTimber} Reviews

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