Friday, October 21, 2016

Week 12 - Slow and Slower

This week has been more productive than last, and definitely more so than I expected. All the usual subjects were completed, and I ordered new German curriculum for Amber that should arrive next week. We won't start it until the first of November though. Although we were busier than I'd like to be for a school week, it was in fact the calm before the storm of next week.

I've finally finished the Teaching the Classics DVDs, which took me significantly longer than anticipated since it turns out I have very limited time where I can watch a physical DVD these days. Streaming of this course would have been so much easier on the go. Although I did read the entire instruction book that came with the DVD course several weeks ago, so my slowness in finishing the DVDs didn't really limit our ability to continue through literature.

She had to be touching him, and he helped her. Sometimes they can be so sweet.
I even designed our first set of discussion questions and have a writing assignment ready for Amber after we discuss Around the World in 80 Days.  October is a busy time for us, and much of Amber's school this week (and next) is independent work, which does not include discussions. All in all, using the method put forward in Teaching the Classics appears to be the best option for Amber at this point, instead of literature guides. That doesn't mean we may not use the odd guide here and there throughout high school (Shakespeare, anyone?), but the majority will be done on our own.

After years of history intensive lessons, Amber is fairly uninterested in it this year and she can't tell me why. We're still using Tapestry of Grace and she enjoys the source books. Personally, I think it all relates to how much energy she has.  Amber has found great enjoyment in botany and writing this semester along with her co-op classes. She even appears to like math again. Unfortunately, that means there is little energy or brain power left for anything else, no matter what it is.  So, we are behind in history but making huge strides in other courses, which will even out by the end. It always does and we are learning to be a go-with-the-flow type of homeschool.

I honestly think college might be easier for Amber where she can concentrate on 2 or so classes a semester instead of what is expected in high school. Still, she's dedicated and works diligently, most days, to get through all of the subjects scheduled for 9th grade.

Vanilla beans in botany, and health homework while I sewed.
Today is a slow day for Amber though. She was entirely wiped out by co-op classes yesterday and even needed a little rest time during the lunch break to finish the afternoon. I've given her the entire day off from school, since the Fall formal dance is this evening and we will need to soon begin attempting to tame her hair into the desired style. I'll see how well that goes. I will try to remember to post a couple of pictures at some point.

I'm still finishing Amber's Halloween costume, but it is *almost* ready. Saturday is going to be rather busy, I fear. All that's left are just finishing touches, but there are several of those and Amber wants to wear the costume to our church's high school youth group Halloween party on Sunday. Nothing like a last minute finish! Oh, and Amber is going as Missy from Doctor Who... which means I have been sewing a custom fitted Victoria walking dress (skirt and jacket actually) that matches Missy's outfit. Plus we have all of the accessories. It's more of a cosplay outfit at this point than a Halloween costume.

A rough morning... nobody wanted to face the world.
Before I go help prepare the teenager for her dance, I'd like to recommend again that any of you remotely interested in finding out more about the Homeschool Review Crew, or those of you definitely ready to join, please check out this post about the requirements and consider submitting an application.

It was a complete shock to me a couple of years ago when I was accepted, and we've enjoyed our time on the crew. The more members we have on the Homeschool Review Crew, the more exciting products we can review. Even if you have high school students only, it's not too late to join. We'd love to see you there!

If you need more encouragement, this week several members of the Homeschool Review Crew have written about what being on the crew means to them. We all have our own perspectives (see mine) about being on the crew and how it affects our lives. Click on over to read a few posts.


Happy Weekend!

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  1. I've had Teaching the Classics on my wishlist... I am glad to read that it's a good method to use!

  2. We find that everything tends to even out over the course of a school year too, and that's why I don't get too bothered by it if we fall behind in a couple of things. Usually, like Amber, we're also ahead in something else. Looking forward to seeing a picture of Amber in her Missy costume! Great idea!

  3. What a blessing it is to be able to sew. I really hope I learn someday. We can't wait to see pictures. IT sounds like a good week overall.
    Blessings, Dawn

  4. Can't wait to see her costume! We tend to go back and forth from making costumes to buying costumes; this year all three boys wanted to buy and I was so thankful.

  5. Videos that I can stream are so much more convenient! I have a lot of physical DVDs, but when I agree that if I can watch on the go, I would get so much more done!

  6. I cant even wrap my head around teaching high school yet...Love teaching with Videos! Enjoy your week!