Friday, October 28, 2016

Week 13 - Teenage Social Week

Last weekend Amber attended our homeschool group's Fall formal dance. She had a spectacular time and physically did much better than expected. Of course she was worn out on Saturday, but not near as sick as expected or as puny as after the Spring formal dance.

Sunday evening Amber also had a Halloween event with our church's high school youth group. Most of the kids came in some kind of costume, so Amber wore her Missy (from Doctor Who) costume. She ended up winning the costume contest, but I think the games and other entertainment from the night made a bigger impression. Fred took her and I stayed home to begin preparations for this weekend's confirmation.

Fall Formal
Pretty much all I've done this whole week in any spare time is either deep clean the house for the confirmation party or acquire needed items for the actual confirmation and party.  We had a full week of appointments for Amber, plus flute lesson, co-op classes, and my long awaited appointment with pain management for my back. There hasn't actually been a ton of free time.

Today, we're stepping up the preparations so that tomorrow can be relaxation for Amber. I won't really be resting until Monday, but that's how these things go. Hopefully the cold I acquired will not interfere with my tasks like it has the last two days.

Costumed as Missy (she was so happy the costume worked out)

Amber hasn't done much book work this week because of our schedule. Basically, she attended her five co-op classes and did homework for those classes prior to attending. That's about it, I think. There might have been something else random thrown in that didn't get recorded. Isn't that pathetic? I'll check in with Amber on Monday to see where she stands in her other subjects.

Her new German curriculum did arrive earlier this week, so when we finally restart school next week we will be ready to go! I really should have made Amber take my German classes at the co-op, since she would have received more consistent instruction that way.  But at that time she didn't want to take any mom-taught classes. This year she doesn't have a choice since two of the three I teach are for her benefit.

OT: hand bike while working deductive reasoning puzzles. And being goofy at Cracker Barrel.
Okay, that's our week in a nutshell. After confirmation this weekend we return to a more standard school schedule and our normal life resumes. So, just moderately crazy instead of insanely busy.

(Oh, and don't forget the Homeschool Review Crew is still taking applications. Check out the informational blog post with the application if you are interested.)


Happy Weekend!

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  1. ah, one needs goofiness once in a while. AND I really like her costume. Well done.

  2. The costume is amazing. You are a talented seamstress. What a great week. I hope all goes well for Amber's confirmation party.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Hopping on over from Kym's blog. How nice to get to participate in a Fall formal, too!

  4. She looks beautiful in her formal dress and in the Missy costume. Great week!

    Sorry I'm late in getting here to comment - I'm trying to catch up after a couple of very busy weekends, so I know what you mean about the difference between moderately crazy and insanely busy. ;-)