Friday, January 6, 2017


Resting has been our theme for the past few weeks and will continue to be our goal for the near future.

We began Amber's Christmas break just in time, it appears. She was suddenly very exhausted, so much more than normal, with some random other symptoms. But given her multiple medical conditions, we chalked it up to weather and Christmas excitement exacerbating her normal issues.  That is until I started to feel poorly too, and then really poorly. And then was diagnosed with strep throat on Christmas Eve.

Resting kitties. Biscotti doesn't look 20lb in this pic, and Milori has been doing that flamingo-like sleeping lately.
But that wasn't all of it. Even with antibiotics I wasn't feeling at any improvement and if this was just strep throat, I should have had some relief eventually. Amber and I made more trips to our doctors and were both diagnosed with either: a mono-like virus or mono.  We're both being treated as if it's mono - so really just lots of rest, fluids, rest, and watch for problems with our spleens.

We're about 3 (me) / 4 (Amber) weeks in with this mono / mono-like virus and feel somewhat better than when it first started. You know I was really sick when I didn't feel cooped up staying home for days on end without even so much as a quick run to Target. Not having a 24/7 migraine headache has been the biggest improvement, although we both have daily headaches still.  We also have other lingering symptoms besides exhaustion, but they are not as pronounced either. Even the exhaustion is not as debilitating as it was a week ago. Yet, we can't do much without backlash and are mentally rather slow at the moment. Thus, we're still on a Winter break, except for co-op that resumed this week.

Yet another doctor... but playing Portal and assembling Christmas LEGOS made resting easier.
Over recent months I had been feeling like our schedule was rather hectic, yet really had no inclination to fix it. Most of the regular events on our calendar are non-negotiable: Amber's therapies and medical appointments, flute lesson, homeschool co-op, and Sunday church. Even with those regularly scheduled items we should have had more free time.  I had to take a good look at the calendar to see how many little extra things we schedule that eat up our time and energy.

This time of forced resting has allowed me to see how important it is to have quality calm time at home. We will be continuing with the non-negotiable items on the calendar, with the hope of reducing some of Amber's therapies as she progresses through treatment. We will not be committing to any new regular activities and very few single events. Instead I will cease volunteering for everything I'm asked to do and Amber will chose events that are worth the energy expenditure, even if that means less socialization overall.  At least she will enjoy the social activities she attends.

Portal 2 playing, kitties happy with their Christmas presents, and homemade ice cream.
I've also been working on reducing our errands by increasing my online shopping (thank you Amazon Pantry) for all but fresh items and the few things we can't get online.  It not only saves me time, but energy. I had no clue how much energy we were expending for an errand here or there until my energy was severely depleted.

That's been our break... resting and planning how to rest in the future. We hope to start back with a few school subjects next week, but definitely not a full schedule. I also plan to modify some of the school lessons to suit our "baked potato brains", as Amber calls it. Amber's 15th birthday is next week as well, so we will take time to celebrate while still being restful.

Happy January!

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  1. I had mono during college and I remember it taking forever to get over. You are smart to be planning on resting because it's amazing how just running to the grocery store requires taking an hour long nap to recover!

  2. I am so sorry to hear that you both have mono. I hope you all take it easy and get enough rest. Don't feel pressured by things you think you should be doing. Just get better.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. I hope you can get lots of rest and relief soon!

  4. hopefully your energy levels pick up again soon for you, in the meantime it sounds like you are being smart about it all.

  5. I'm just catching up on commenting on Homeschool Highlight posts, and hope that you got all the rest you needed. Thanks for linking up with me so faithfully - I always enjoy your posts and seeing what Amber is accomplishing.