Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week 19- The Slow Return

We were back to regular school this week, somewhat. Amber and I are still fairly puny and needed a slow start to the semester.

Our normal schedule of appointments and activities outside of home resumed this week, beginning with Amber's much needed physical therapy on Monday. She didn't have the energy for much more after PT, even though it was a shortened session. Her muscles have not being doing their job to keep her joints together despite doing so well before this winter. Some days we think we have a handle on this EDS and other days it clearly is winning.

Actual school work, with her ever faithful kitty.
I wasn't entirely sure what school Amber would manage this wActual school work, with her ever faithful kitty.eek because of activities, Amber's birthday, and being puny. Thankfully, we did manage to start Amber's new literature novel, Pride and Prejudice, and made considerable progress through the book. Amber almost always has the energy to read and she's really enjoying this novel. She also read the books she received for her birthday, even though they are not school related.

Amber is taking quite a few co-op classes that have regular homework so she spent most of her school time on Tuesday finishing that homework and continuing literature reading. However, co-op includes my forensic science class, so at least she was getting health, science, and Bible work in through that homework. We also found time to complete the half-finished history unit from early December, which made Tuesday was our most productive school day at home.

Our traditional (since Amber was 6) Saturday birthday celebration at Texas Roadhouse. Only on Saturday lunch... because it is too crazy there otherwise.
And, dinner on her actual birthday, then ice cream at Red Robin due to a power outage at home.
The rest of the week was spent at co-op classes and in birthday celebrations for Amber's 15th birthday. We celebrated the birthday a day early with my mom who had a trip planned to my sister's on Amber's actual birthday. Then Amber spent her birthday at co-op with her friends and had a spectacular day, even though a car accident on a nearby road caused us to lose power just as we returned from her birthday dinner. So, we just went out for birthday ice cream, where she was sung to again. Amber's best friend had made it her goal to ensure most of their classes at co-op sang to Amber. 

Friday we were all stuck at home in the ice storm. While I could have insisted on school, Amber usually gets the day after her birthday off to enjoy her new gifts. Then Fred took the day off to avoid the ice storm, which left to Amber built a couple of her new Lego sets and me to putter around planning food and meals in case we lost power from the ice forecasted all weekend.

Birthday cake at home, a day late, since we went out for birthday ice cream. Some of the many Lego sets she got for her birthday.
It was nice to be back to school, even for a few subjects, but we won't be back to a full schedule for most of January. We're taking Monday off from school for Amber's birthday outing with her friends and to spend with Fred who has the day off too. We hope to add German back in next week, although we don't have plans currently to start math back up until at least February.

Happy Winter Weather Weekend!

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  1. Slow and steady wins the race. You all are doing great.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. We like to ease back into schoolwork slowly too. I love those pictures of her at Texas Roadhouse; what a fun birthday tradition!

  3. Love the pictures! Belated happy birthday wishes to Amber - it looks like all the celebrations were so much fun!