Friday, March 24, 2017

Week 26 - A Fresh 4th Quarter Start

We slowly managed our way back into school this week. Amber was more productive than she has been in a while, but still not up to what we hope would be a normal daily schedule.

I'll say up front that we will be lucky if next week is as productive as this week; Amber has 3 separate days of appointments, regular flute lesson, and an all afternoon drama class rehearsal on what was supposed to be a break from co-op.  That rehearsal is not sitting well with either of us because we planned for a break week and she needs that day to rest. I try my best to schedule special appointments during the break weeks, but I can only do so much when we are given such short notice and I had to schedule these other appointments a couple of months in advance. I'm just frustrated.

Over 100 pounds on the total gym during PT, one leg at a time.
Amber started an additional medication for pain, which is turning out to be rather successful when we remember to have her take it. It needs to be taken with food, which is so unlike all of her other meds. We selected lunch time because it is the most stable meal time for her. However, remembering to take the med is proving to be difficult. We'll work on that more this week. The good thing is that this med can be skipped or taken without any ill-effects, just as long as she only takes it once every 24 hours.

We are recommitting ourselves to the low FODMAP diet, since we have strayed a little from it. My GI doctor would like me to be on it for my own digestion and not just in solidarity with Amber, while she is suffering some digestion setbacks and needs to recover some.  It was good eating like normal people for a while.  This weekend I'm working out our meal plans for next week to ensure we don't revert to old ways due to poor preparation.

School Details:

Amber finished her IEW writing program for the year!! There was much rejoicing; okay not really. There was something of a half-hearted "yay", but that's about it. She's got more writing we are going to start in the next week or so. Still, it's nice to have something checked off the list as completed for the year.

History has been pathetic this year, but she made progress in it this week and seems to be pleased with the changes we made to her curriculum. It's always nice when changes I agonized over and spent hours designing are appreciated.

New Lego set - The Silent Mary from the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie.
All the other subjects went along just fine, even if she didn't do them quite as often as I would have liked. Still it wasn't to shabby considering we spent the majority of Monday and Friday afternoons away from the house for medical appointments, one day at co-op, one afternoon interrupted by flute lesson, and a good 4 hours one day shopping for clothes and groceries.  Whew. Now that I look at the calendar, next week might be only equally busy as this week, except that one appointment is going to make Amber feel pretty crummy for the remainder of the day.


Biscotti is still separated, but desperately wants out of his guest bedroom now. He jumped behind me from a higher position and out of the door when I entered one time on Wednesday, but thankfully the other cats had both just run downstairs and I was able to pick up Biscotti and get him back into the room before the other saw him out.

Milori just chilling. Biscotti leaping. He's always enjoyed playing like this and will leap rather impressively.
Rosetta is playing well with Biscotti through the door. Milori seems unaffected by Biscotti and often tries to play with him too.  Since Milori is the aggressor, I'm particularly interested in how he will behave. However, Biscotti is still overly anxious when out on a leash with Rosetta, although he is improving on his time. We are working on making him more comfortable with that situation. The next step is to add Milori with Rosetta while all three are on leashes in the same room.  Eventually, I'd like to see them all go back up to each other, while on leashes, and be comfortable. I'm not letting any off their leash until they can play nice on the leash. It's been a rough couple of months.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. We are going to have a crazy week next week too. Yay for finishing some programs. It is a relief to see things finishing up. I remember right that you are using Life of Fred as your only high school math right now? If so, could you write about it? How is it going? Are there enough practice math problems are do you have to find more elsewhere? My kids are completely over Teaching Textbooks and like Math Mammoth okay, but it doesn't go into high school math. Thanks.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. You do remember correctly about Life of Fred. Please do write me, either through the blog email address, or you can find my personal one in the review crew forum :-)

  2. That is an impressive Lego set!

  3. Sorry it was such a rough week.

  4. Catching up on my Homeschool Highlights reading - sorry I'm late to visit. Glad you made it through a crazy week and got a fresh start for the 4th quarter. We tried to look at the start of our 4th quarter as a fresh start in some ways too.