Friday, March 31, 2017

Week 27 - Where is the Sun?

We unexpectedly have had a rather productive school week and I'm ever so grateful for Amber's appointments going the best possible way this week, even if it's been rainy and cloudy all week.

Amber's Monday dental appointment went well and the dentist was able to use prilocaine as suggested by Amber's geneticist. She was actually numbed and handled the whole procedure well. No epinephrine was used and we found a great replacement for lidocaine, which doesn't work for Amber at all.  Amber did have a dysautonomia flare afterwards, however it really was the best possible result since every type of procedure triggers an autonomic nervous system response.

Family dinner out on a rainy evening, PS4 gaming and kitty cuddles. Happy days.
All the other appointments this week went as well as they could, and I'm not doing too bad on my SIBO treatment. My GI doctor uses a newer type of treatment for SIBO and it will take a total of three months and ten days. The first ten days are the hard part, so I'm halfway finished and it's not been pleasant. Still, big picture is healing from SIBO, hopefully. Although I'm miffed at being officially put on the low-FODMAP diet. (Here's where I whine a little about that and then realize my child has been on the diet for years and has no real hope of getting off of it. Whining then ceases.)

We spent quite a bit of time this week working on languages.  Since we will be starting the IEW High School Essay Intensive as soon as it arrives, I gave Amber off this week from writing. I really didn't have any writing assignments to give her anyway because she finished her other IEW writing curriculum last week.  She did work in grammar all week along with literature and some vocabulary.

Greek! Biscotti is always rather interested in Greek, but quizzes require concentration.
Greek is still going strong and one of Amber's favorite subjects. I'm basically learning a Greek along with Amber in order to make our lesson time more interactive. Amber is definitely catching on faster than me. I pick up the grammar easier, but it takes me longer to put it in to practice. She also is much quicker at identifying the Greek letters and remembering their sounds. She's better with vocabulary too, which has always been my weak spot in every language I learned. In my defense, I'm old... and technically have more fluent languages running around in my head, or maybe that isn't a good point for my defense. I'm going with the older, slower brain defense.

Amber has been enjoying her computer skills course much more than when I have tried to teach her the same skills. She's even allowed me to expand on some of the information, which is amazing. I count this course a success already.

We've worked on a miscellaneous smattering of other lessons around the numerous appointments, and ended each day watching a couple of episodes of Drive Thru History - The Gospels. It's been a great way to end each school day, even if we run a little later than normal. I may have to think about incorporating other Drive Thru History in Amber's history over the next few years.

Biscotti claimed the laptop and the girl as his own. And played nice with Milori through the door. Progress.
We finally saw Beauty and the Beast (3D) last night and it was wonderful and all I hoped it would be. My family went because of me, yet I'm the one that kept putting it off because the time just didn't feel right or convenient for them. Yes I saw Antman, Doctor Strange, and even the WarCraft movie for them and I'll see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 very soon, but it didn't seem important to rush out to see Beauty and the Beast. Now, I think I might want to see it again, but this time I'm not eating at all. Not a thing. I tried to eat something on my new GI doctor ordered diet, but instead I messed up big time with the end result being a huge IBS flare of absolutely staggering proportions. I simply didn't realize what was in my selection, and I should have known better. At least the flare didn't hit until after we got home from the movie.

This weekend we're shopping for an elliptical machine to put in the newly tidied basement. I'm still baffled at how nice and clean the basement is after being in a state of flux and re-arrangement for a year. It only took me a single afternoon last weekend to finish, but I just couldn't ever make myself go down and do it. But with the need for an elliptical here at home, I had to finish the job so we had a place for it. It was getting crowded around the other exercise equipment too!

Fred's new yard toy, a cordless electric lawnmower. Plus Amber at PT this week. She's hoping for an elliptical similar to this one.
Next week we are back to a normal schedule, with an extra appointment thrown in. Hopefully, nothing too stressful and I'll recover from this IBS flare with the SIBO treatment too.  I'm tired of the GI stuff - not that I'd like another problem in its place!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. I give you so much credit for taking a language course right alongside your daughter! That's wonderful... even if she is picking it up faster than you.

  2. We can't wait for Spring Break so we can see Beauty and the Beast. It is going to be a blast.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Sorry to hear you guys aren't feeling so great. What does your daughter have? We love Drive Through History :-)

  4. Well, it sounds like it was a good week overall. I can't wait to go see Beauty and the Beast...but I need a babysitter first!

  5. Hooray for an unexpectedly productive week!! I wish we'd have one like that. LOL My daughter and I are still looking for a chance to see Beauty and the Beast - one or the other of us has been on the go since it was released!