Saturday, April 8, 2017

Week 28 - Forward Progression

We're one week closer to the end of the school year and I'm not quite so worried about Amber completing her required hours anymore. She's definitely on track to finish without extending school too far into June, or maybe not at all.

We do have a crazy doctor schedule in April for both me and her, along with extra drama class practices and the performance, and an extra flute rehearsal and performance with a choir. So, I'll have to see when May rolls around how well we managed our schedule in April. Amber is basically resigned to school in June, so will be happily surprised if / when we can lighten her load.

I would have loved to take yesterday off from school and enjoy the sun we finally have, except this week was already fraught with several disturbances. Looking ahead to next week, we will have to be diligent and dedicated to accomplish any school work at all because of unexpected changes to our schedule. I actually changed the schedule a couple of times and this last iteration is the worst and unfortunately the needed one.

This smile won the "Best Smile" superlative with our homeschool group, as voted on by the high school and middle school students.  We think it's pretty fantastic too
This week Amber started the High School Essay Intensive from IEW, and LOVED it. This was an absolute shock; not that I didn't expect her to like it, but her overly positive response was a welcome surprise. Even though Amber has liked everything we've used from IEW in the past, I wasn't prepared for her to be so enthralled with essay writing. I'll take it, especially when she asks to continue past the daily lesson mark I had given her.  Oh, and I'll have a review of it in May.

We also finished the entire set of Drive Thru History - The Gospels this week. It was informative and rather enjoyable. We actually miss our end of the day dose of The Gospels now.  I am considering looking for a replacement video series for us to watch, yet Amber still has other subjects that might have more priority on our time given we are attempting to finish the school year before June.

Amber has been progressing well through her online computer skills course, and surprising me with her comprehension of the subject matter. Again, this has been a huge positive for us and Amber is gaining knowledge she needed but would not happily allow her comp sci parents to teach. That whole situation still baffles me as she lets us instruct her in every other aspect of learning, except where we have degrees.

Essay writing class - she loves the video lessons.
We attended co-op classes this week, but have our actual spring break next week. Co-op has felt very disjointed the last month with two break weeks, and many kids missing due to robotics competitions. After spring break there is only two more weeks of classes left for the school year. I'm looking forward to the reprieve from teaching, while Amber is not at all looking forward to being away from the group. Still, she could use a rest from the weekly classes.  Just like every year, I'm hoping she takes a few less classes at co-op next year, but I know she will spend as much time there as I let her. However, our co-op is somewhat up in the air because of location issues. We aren't sure where it will be, what hours, how many rooms will be available and thus how many classes for each age group. I may get my wish for Amber to take fewer classes simply because there are none to take. That will make me sad.

Amber and her friends spent last evening working on the homeschool group's yearbook and they are coming close to the end of the year. Only a few more events before the yearbook will be completed and sent to print. Originally, I was hoping that yearbook would be a co-op class again next year instead of a club outside of co-op time like it became this school year. However, with the possible restrictions in space and time for co-op next year it looks like a club style yearbook might work out better. One less class to take up space, and the girls are all accustomed to the club style at this point.

Biscotti checking out my lesson planning for co-op classes.
We have finished the last bit of tidying in the basement today and await the delivery of our new elliptical on Wednesday. Amber can't wait to have something easier on her joints for exercise at home that isn't the same recumbent bike that she's been using for years. I'm also excited since my beloved recumbent bike is wreaking havoc with my back - it's just the wrong position for where I have damage at L5/S1.

I'm off to finish a review for Amber's online computer skills course! Look for it coming out on Monday. We're every so pleased with the class.

Happy Sunny, Spring Weekend!!!

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  1. You all make so much progress each week. I am taking the week off this week. We need a break. We will be doing educational field trips and such, but mostly cleaning, resting and organizing.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I love that your homeschool group has it's own yearbook; that's awesome!

  3. Congrats to Amber on having the "Best Smile" - I can see why the students chose her! Hope your April schedule goes well and you continue to make progress as you have been so far! Thanks again for linking up to Homeschool Highlights so faithfully!