Friday, April 14, 2017

Week 29 - We Survived!

We survived our overly hectic and crazy week with just enough energy for a Friday evening at home. Yes, we are supposed to be at Good Friday service at church. That didn't happen for several reasons, but it boils down to exhausted Amber and Mom, sickly Amber, and we went to church last night for Maundy Thursday.

We started the week diligently completing quite a bit of school on Monday after my morning doctor's appointment. Amber went with me and read from her literature assignment in the waiting room for over an hour and I very much appreciated her patience. I still don't have the answers I was looking for, but testing has been started to hopefully make some headway.

We had another early morning on Tuesday for Amber's gallbladder ultrasound at the hospital. Until a few moments before we had to leave that morning, Amber thought it was her HIDA scan and not the ultrasound. She was giddy with relief upon understanding it was a simple (well, actually complete) abdominal ultrasound. The results were available later that same afternoon, and we are very pleased to report that her previous gallbladder polyp was not able to be seen from any angle. Amber also had no other anomalies in her abdomen. This means we were able to cancel the upcoming HIDA scan, per the GI doctor. Again, Amber was joyous at this information, although I think she may have cared more about skipping the HIDA scan than why she was able to do so.

Having fun with Biscotti. He is the most tolerant cat. He even hugs and cuddles Amber.  And we were able to have Biscotti and Rose in the same room near each other for a good length of time.  Here's to getting our kitty family back to the way it was.
I was supposed to have my pain management appointment Wednesday morning for my regularly scheduled shots in my back, however I ate something at lunch on Tuesday that triggered a horrible IBS flare which became evident very early Wednesday morning. There was no way I could have shots done in my back in that condition, so we cancelled the appointment and I slept all morning long to make up for the sleep I missed during the rather painful night.  Thankfully, Fred was already scheduled to be off work as my driver, so he was able to run a few errands and take Amber out for her flute lesson. It worked out in the end and my back is actually feeling fairly stable, so I'll just be careful for the next month while I wait for the rescheduled appointment.

Although Wednesday was rather awful in my books, it was the brief respite we needed to push through the rest of the week. Amber had an all afternoon drama class rehearsal on Thursday which she should not have attended. She was in a dysautonomia flare Thursday morning, but pushed ahead and ended up exhausted and sick by the time the rehearsal was over. She even sits for the majority of the play, yet had several dizzy and nausea spells just sitting there. Still we went to Maundy Thursday church that evening to celebrate the institution of the Lord's Supper and to see Amber's best friend receive her first communion. It's hard to believe it's been a year (well, over a year because Easter was earlier last year) since Amber's first communion. It's even been almost six months since Amber's confirmation. It seems like just yesterday she was beginning confirmation when we transferred to this congregation. My time has flown.

Monday at lunch versus Friday after PT. My little wonder girl.
Today was another full day with Amber's regular therapies.  Physical therapy pushed her very hard and worked on a great deal of strengthening. Unfortunately, Amber barely made it 10 minutes on the elliptical to start her session and seemed to go downhill from there. Still she pushed herself and did everything that was asked. Then went through another hour of occupational therapy afterwards. Of course, she basically crashed once we finally arrived home. So, there was no church tonight.

We started out the week working diligently on school lessons, knowing that we must in order to accomplish anything this week. By Wednesday when I was sick we had almost given up on regular lessons. Amber went to her flute lesson and then worked for over an hour on her online computer class (did you see the review?), but that was it.  Thursday there was no school except drama practice and today we only managed the therapies. Thankfully, next week is actually an easy week!

My to-do list for tomorrow is a mile long, yet I doubt I will accomplish half of it. I probably should start pruning the list down to items that can be realistically completed. Besides, we have to leave time in the evening to watch the season premier of Doctor Who! I'm a bit put out that it was scheduled the evening before Easter, but that's what DVRs are for, right?

That was our week - a little different than anticipated, but we survived and even accomplished enough school work to stay on track. Yay for the good guys.

Happy Easter!

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  1. Glad to hear you survived! We too had a week where we got little of what we wanted to in the way of schoolwork done.

  2. Happy Easter! I am so glad you survived! Have a restful weekend.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Glad you survived the week and got good news from Amber's test! Hope everyone is feeling better and enjoyed a good weekend too. Thanks for linking up at Homeschool Highlights!