Friday, April 21, 2017

Week 30 - An Average Week!

Looking ahead to this week it felt like it would be another one of those where we don't have a spare second to breathe. However in reality, this turned out to be a pretty decent week. We accomplished quite a bit of school, had several at home days, and even had our April "Amber and Mom Day".  I was entirely relieved, though, that this wasn't a therapy week for Amber. That might have tipped me over the edge.

Easter basket hunting at our house and at Grandma's. It's a bit more of a race when competing against your cousins than when you're the only child.
Easter was a lovely day with my family at my mother's house and we even were able to attend church with my mom and my sister's family for the first time in a few years. Since we joined our current congregation, one or more of us have had obligations on Easter Sunday that kept us from attending church with the family as we had done in the past. With Amber out of confirmation, we decided to go to my mom's church despite the youth being expected to serve Easter brunch at our congregation. The youth will always be expected to do that and if we put it off, we will never be going to church with the family again until Amber is out of high school.  I just don't think we will be part of our congregation's Easter celebrations. But that's okay. My mom is still at the Lutheran church where I was raised, so it's like going home - and it's only slightly farther away than our own Lutheran congregation.

Easter egg hunting with younger cousins at Grandma's, just for fun and tradition. There was no prizes in the eggs.
After such a fun and busy Easter, Amber and I felt pretty puny on Monday, yet still managed to complete a goodly amount of school. We didn't do much else though. Tuesday we took the day off for our monthly "Amber and Mom Day" and spent the day shopping for clothes & shoes, eating lunch out, and watching Rogue One at home. Yes, we saw it in the theater last year, but hadn't watched our Bluray copy yet. It was a nice relaxing day.

The rest of the week was either spent in school lessons mostly at home or at our homeschool co-op. There is only one more week left before the end of the co-op semester. We aren't sure where co-op will be held next year and how much space we will have, which also begs the question of how many classes there will be for each age group.  It would be easier to be joyous at the end of the co-op school year if we felt more secure about next year. However, there is not much our leadership can do about it at the moment as they look for a new location. The group may need to resign ourselves to another semester or year at the current location, which normally would not be a problem except we are only being offered about half the current space and fewer hours. This is a weight on my mind, especially as it is our congregation / church that has rolled up the welcome mat for the homeschool group. I am somewhat embarrassed to be a member at the moment.

Yes, that's a stuffed gallbladder! A friend sent it to Amber because she gets to keep hers now that the polyp is gone.
And Greek... always working on Greek.
It seems a bit late in the year to have new curriculum arriving for the current school year, yet we did and were ever so giddy about it. Yesterday we received, much earlier than expected, Amber's First Form Latin. Yes, she is still working on First Form Greek. Yes, I agreed to let her work on both. I might be a bit daffy.

She already spent three years in late elementary and middle school studying Latin, but wanted to refresh it. Somehow I was talked into allowing the child to study three foreign languages along with her English studies. It's a good thing co-op ends soon, I don't think we can keep up that many different subjects, especially when I have to help with the Greek and Latin!

Biscotti, the birthday kitty this week back at his beloved patio door. He spent quite a bit of time out of the guest room and is getting along better with the other cats while on harnesses. It's still slow going. -- Oh, and the essay intensive. She adores this program.
Next week will start off nice and slow, relaxing even. Then the week ends in flurry of activity with our last co-op day, then the next day the dress rehearsal and performance of the play for Amber's drama class, and a flute performance for Amber on Sunday.  Oh, and it's therapy week for Amber - performance day is also therapy day. If we survive intact, I'll have pictures from the play next weekend.

This weekend I'm making alterations to Amber's prom dress that is needed in two weeks (seriously... I'm cutting it short) and thinking about cooking one or even two dinners. No guarantees there.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. So good that you could attend church with family on Easter! Praying that your co-op finds a suitable place to meet for next year. LOL at the gallbladder stuffie - too cute!!

  2. hmm... greek... I wonder if my lad would like to study greek... that stuffie is just too funny! And I hope the prom dress turns out well.

  3. I do hope all works out with your co-op. It sounds like a very meaningful part of your lives. What a relief that the cats are starting to do better.
    Blessings, Dawn