Saturday, April 29, 2017

Week 31 - The Endings Begin

We had a busy school week and spent the first part of the week mostly at home excepting for a few small errands. It was absolutely glorious to not have places to be for those few days. It was even sunny those days.

Wednesday the rain started and I think we need an ark at this point. We had a small reprieve on Thursday, which was our last co-op day of the school year. The sun shone, the birds sang, and we are finished with that weekly commitment. Amber is sad, as usual, and I'm overjoyed, as usual.

Friday was a hectic day that culminated with the dress rehearsal and performance of The Snow White Variety Show performed by Amber's co-op drama class. It was styled like a talk show on the Fairy Tale Network. The show guests for this episode were the dwarves and there were "players" who acted their descriptions. The show even had commercial breaks that were all fairy tale themed. Amber played a dwarf named Creepy; she was a mysterious and incognito dwarf. There was also a Weepy, Wordy, Nerdy, Rowdy, Howdy and Bob. Each dwarf told portions of the Snow White story in their own unique way guided by the talk show host.  It was a really cute concept.

My "Creepy" presenting her pieces of the Snow White story. I missed taking a picture of her commercial spot where she played Aurora.
Many of the students honestly felt the play was not ready and would be an utter disaster. In the end it was pretty decent. Yes there were rough spots and a commercial scene was skipped accidentally, but after seeing the final dress rehearsal I was impressed how together the final production was. All in all, Amber enjoyed the experience while still being glad it is over.

School Work:
Over the course of the week Amber diligently completed a great deal of her regular, core lessons. She started Latin with First Form Latin, continued Greek, worked on English grammar, writing and literature, completed a full week's worth of history, and finished her co-op classes!  All of this while feeling pretty blah. The up and down weather and now the constant storms have wreaked havoc with Amber's autonomic nervous system. Still, she's pushing through because what else can she do.

Tomorrow Amber is accompanying a choir from the local arts group with her flute. She did have a practice with the choir earlier this week and feels good about the performance. Hopefully, she will still have some energy by tomorrow and some people will be able to row out to see the performances in their boats. It's seriously that wet here and many roads are closed.

Enjoying Latin.  
Biscotti waiting for Amber to put the other cats away so he can leave his room. He KNOWS when she is doing it.
Next week I'm considering going through Amber's standardized testing. Last year was supposed to be our last year of standardized testing because the Stanford 10 was being discontinued. However there was apparently enough hue and cry about it that they have kept it. In a weak moment, or maybe a moment of clarity (?) I decided to order it for Amber to take the first or second week of May. I'm not entirely sure why I felt this was necessary. I'm still on the fence about it, but the test booklets have already arrived at our house, so now I'm somewhat obliged to do it or have paid for nothing.

I think I reasoned since Amber most likely will not take the PSAT, SAT or ACT, that this was good practice for any college entrance exams and will help us to see where she is compared to public school students nationally. Or at least where she is compared to herself over the past couple of years? It shouldn't take but a few hours over a day or two for her to complete, especially if she's feeling clear headed.

That's been our week! One more month until our first year of homeschool high school is complete. Unbelievable.

Happy Wet and Dreary Weekend!

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  1. I am glad you all had a good week. You all get so much done each week. I know what you mean about feeling joy about things wrapping up while our kids are sad. I can't wait for dance to be over for the year. I really need a break. They do too, but don't realize it.
    Blessings, Dawn