Friday, May 5, 2017

Week 32 - The Damp Week

This has been an absolutely insane week here. We did not have much to do outside of the house, and that's a good thing since we live in Missouri - you know the state with all of the closed roads due to flooding. Thankfully our very immediate area did not flood. By that I mean our subdivision and a mile or two around us. Outside of that radius things started to get dicey as far as road travel.

On our way to church Sunday... That's not supposed to have water. Plus a map of Missouri road closures on Sunday, before the majority closed.
We are especially thankful that our basement stayed dry and our sump pump did not fail, although it did run nearly continuously all last Saturday and Sunday, then again this Wednesday and Thursday. Such a small device to be grateful for.

We were lucky to not have a busy week outside of the house because of all of the rain. Besides the flooding, I had no desire to drive in that type of rain either. It was also the first week after co-op ended for the school year. That was a stroke of luck for all of us. Amber and I did a few random errands, but mostly stayed home over the week. That means we accomplished more school this week than in a very, very long time.

Lots of language work this week. And that is a Mr. Lincoln rose bush. They are red. This year mine came back pink. My roses all came back crazy this year. We forgot to cut back the roses so they all started out pretty big too.

Amber worked on:

  • High School Essay Intensive - she actually finished the sections we planned on her using. She's now redoing her final assignment as a longer essay. I decided to have her do the basic essay style and then once completed use it as the basis for the expanded style essay.  She spent hours each day on this single topic. (Review coming up Monday or Tuesday)
  • History - Three lessons worth over the week. This is an unbelievable amount compared to the rest of the school year. That's three lessons of reading, writing, map, and timeline work. The mind boggles.
  • Grammar - every single day!
  • Latin - every day, except today.
  • Greek - every day, except yesterday.
  • Literature - finally finished her reading and writing assignment for the most recent book. 
  • Botany - yes, she finished it last semester but we held off on the plant genetics lab because the basement was too cold during the winter and we can't keep the plants on either living level because of the cats. This week we started prep work and reading for the Wisconsin Fast Plants genetics lab that will take many weeks to complete. 
  • Flute lesson and practice - we actually left the house in the rain and ventured forth for the lesson.
  • Free reading - she received two books from Amazon on Tuesday, release day, and finished both by Thursday evening. Sigh. I guess it's better than constantly playing video games.

Watching birds out his window, sitting on HIS box by my computer (outside of his room), sitting in his spot in the family room while another cat was in the same room.

We spent a good deal of time this week working with Biscotti to help him reintegrate with the other cats. He's still terribly nervous around them, well around Rosetta. He doesn't get out of the room with Milori much yet. They all get along through the crack in a door just fine and even pass toys back and forth.  Today for about an hour Biscotti was off the leash with Rosetta, who was actually on a leash to be safe. Biscotti made no negative sounds, nor did he run away. He was wary, but the whole experience was a huge step forward. Biscotti still prefers it when we put the other two cats away in a room and let him have the run of the house, still we are progressing and may yet have a harmonious cat family again.

Milori and Rosetta chilling in Amber's room. They didn't care about being locked in. Biscotti trying not to care about being on a leash with Rose in the same room.
Tomorrow is the homeschool spring formal / prom, so we will spend the afternoon preparing Amber. I hope this dance is as fun as the last two for her. She's been feeling a little tired this week because of the weird weather, so hopefully tomorrow will be calmer and she can reserve her energy for the evening.

Next week we need to complete Amber's standardized testing that I just didn't get to this week. We were so productive with regular school work that I didn't want to take the time out for testing. So, next week we need to spend a couple days on the Stanford 10. Bleh. I'm thinking this was a poor decision on my part to test into high school. But we will see.

Silly times: Dinner one night - we all received tiny straws, but only Amber got a tiny straw and a tall glass. It kept sinking beneath the water.  Someone needed new sunglasses because it was raining. LOL

Next week is also a therapy week and our first service project sewing day. We will be hosting some of Amber's friends on a near weekly basis over the summer for the girls to work on sewing weighted blankets as a service project. (I'm working on a post with instructions for how we construct the weighted blankets.) The girls will come when they are available, but we will have the supplies out and our house open to them roughly 3 times a month. Wish us luck!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Have a wonderful weekend! So glad you are all safe.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I guess I haven't been paying much attention, because I didn't realize so much of your state was flooded. Glad you are safe!! Amber certainly has been working hard and getting so much school done. Thanks for sharing your week on Homeschool Highlights!

  3. woot woot for a good sump pump. those sunglasses look great!