Saturday, May 20, 2017

Week 33 - A Quick Recap

A quick run down of our week since the storms in Missouri altered how our Friday and Saturday have gone.  Very intense storms in the wee hours of Friday caused us to loose power for the early morning hours. We also lost a tree branch in a front yard tree and may still need to take more off of the tree.

But we are fortunate since many in our metro area are still without power, including my mother. A tree in one of her neighbor's yards came down during the Friday morning storm and took out a electric pole with transformer. So, my mom and her perishable foods have been staying with us since late Friday afternoon. There is no estimate of when she will have power back.  I may get to have my mom visiting for my 45th birthday tomorrow!

Mother's Day lunch after church. Sadly, this was the best selfie we could take.

This week's fun:

  • Mother's Day relaxation with my family
  • Late Mother's Day lunch with my mom on Monday
  • Sewing day with Amber's friends - they have 10 weighted blankets ready for the bead stage!
  • "Amber and Mom Day" for May - we didn't do much except relax and then take in Grandma.
  • Grandma visiting - who doesn't have fun when their grandma visits, and gets to go to our regular Saturday Texas Roadhouse lunch.

Sewing with friends (I cropped out the friends), back to her drawings, and Star Wars LEGO sets.
Lunch with Grandma on Saturday!
My Mr. Lincoln rose bush is having hybrid problems. It now has large red flowers and small pink flowers. 

This week's school:

  • Essay writing - editing and working on a longer version of her essay from the High School Essay Intensive
  • Grammar - every day, except Friday
  • Literature - Started reading Julius Caesar with only one act left. She's enjoying this.
  • Greek - Most days
  • Latin - Most days
  • Chemistry - We are reviewing General Chemistry from Novare Science. Amber so badly wants to take chemistry, but is afraid after some poor science curriculum choices in the past. I'm hoping this one will be more successful, especially if I participate in the lesson time.

Lots of Julius Caesar and beginning chemistry (she was chilly and being silly)

Coming Up:

  • Another birthday celebration - we are supposed to be having lunch with my mom on Monday to celebrate my birthday with her. So.... that may not happen though if she's still staying with us on my birthday tomorrow, or even on Monday. 
  • Eye doctor appointments - Amber and I both have our annual checkups. I'll be dilated, as usual.
  • Therapy day  - Amber's regular therapy. I'm still so happy we only go one day, every other week. It's been a sanity saver to have this new schedule.
Biscotti being adorable for such a large kitty.
Rosetta is still going to the vet 3 times a week for laser treatments and now Adequan injections (
glucosamine for cats). She's walking better, but still has a significant hitch in her walk and clearly still has pain.

Happy Stormy Weekend!

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  1. Glad you all are safe and sound. Happy Birthday!! I hope you all have a lovely week.
    Blessings, Dawn