Friday, May 26, 2017

Week 34 - Wrapping Up

We have one more week left of our normal school year before we enter summer school mode. Amber has finished the total number of hours (1000) required by the state of Missouri per school year! She is still short a little on the number of core subject hours required each year (600), but those will be completed in the next two weeks. We are in great shape, even though we've been a little light on school this week.

This past Sunday was my 45th birthday. How is it at all possible that I'm halfway through my forties? Before I know it, I'll be 50 years old with a 20 year old child. Time passes so slowly some days, yet I still clearly remember being Amber's age like it was a week ago.

My mom was still here on Sunday morning since her house was still without power from the storms on Friday. She opted to go to her church and we went to ours, but at least I got to see my mom on my birthday this year.  Her power came back on while she was at a church senior event Sunday afternoon, so she never returned to our house that day. But she did come out on Monday to take us to lunch for my birthday and collect the food we had been storing for her over the weekend when her refrigeration appliances had no power.

Rosie has been feeling better and moving better. She is still super cuddly, but treatment is helping her.
She also was able to go shopping with Amber and me on Monday to buy a new refrigerator for our kitchen. Sunday afternoon / evening we noticed our kitchen refrigerator was not cooling properly; it had been acting wonky for about 10 months, so it was not a total surprise. Thankfully, we have a spare garage fridge and a basement deep freezer. Plenty of space remained in both of those even with my mom's food for us to empty our kitchen refrigerator.  Luckily, the model of refrigerator I had been wanting was in stock - one left - and available for delivery on Wednesday. The whole ordeal was more of an inconvenience than anything, since we have the spare appliances. I am most grateful for that.

Amber and I took Monday off from school because of the belated birthday lunch and refrigerator shopping. Tuesday was an appointment day though, so we honestly had zero time for school. We barely had time for meals. But I'm happy to report both she and I have healthy eyes. Amber's prescription hasn't changed in years and I still do not need vision correction. There is no sign of disease or damage in either Amber's or my eyes, which is a huge bonus when we both have diseases that can affect the eyes. Yes, we see a fancy opthamologist who converses with her patients about their overall health and not just their eyes, since they are all connected.

Milori and Biscotti also wanted Amber cuddles this week. Only Amber gets to hold Biscotti so compactly without argument.

Wednesday and Thursday ended up being normal school days - yippie. And Friday was therapy day for Amber, which means less school than a regular day.  We've really pared down the school lessons as we near summer school time. Most of the subjects have been completed except for the ones that will be continuing over the summer.  Accomplished during the shortened week:

  • Amber finished the last rewrite and edit of her essays from the High School Essay Intensive, which finishes off writing for 9th grade.  
  • She has one more grammar lesson before that is complete for the school year too!
  • One history lesson. I do want to sneak in one more history lesson before we call it complete for the summer. In August, she will simply pick history back up where we left off. So, it's not a huge issue. 
  • She finished the first read through of Julius Caesar along with all of the accountability questions and now is going on the second reading of it as outlined in the Lightning Literature schedule. 
  • Worked on Latin, Greek and Chemistry which will all continue over the summer.
History timeline and Shakespeare.

Amber's summer (school-ish) plans include:
  • Greek and Latin - we don't want her to lose her momentum or forget.
  • Literature - Some Lightning Literature Shakespeare because it's a review, some reading I assign because there are novels I think she should read.
  • Chemistry - It's a review.
  • Creative Writing - A home course and with a group writing a couple act play.
  • Botany plant genetics experiment now that the weather is warmer.
  • Weighted blanket sewing with her friends
It's been a good week, even with the anxiety over a quick appliance purchase and delivery. Now here's to hoping tomorrow's storms leave us alone. I really don't like severe weather... as in I'm preparing tonight for tomorrow's storms.  You'd think I am a recent transplant to the mid-west as opposed to living here my whole life. Yet, I'm still terrified of severe storms.

Happy Memorial Weekend, and may your weekend be storm free.

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  1. Congratulations on (nearly) finishing school! I love Amber's summer plans. A summer without learning would be so dull, wouldn't it? Sending you all good wishes for safety during the extreme weather. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. I can totally understand being terrified of severe storms. I love storms, but they don't produce tornadoes generally speaking here in the mountains. I hope your last week of school goes well. I find that the older they get the more school just changes by the season. We are never really done.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. I'very just turned 50 and my oldest turns 25 in about 6 weeks. It's definitely a different stage of life. How can I be meeting their serious girlfriends and boyfriends. It was only yesterday I was introducing the guy who is now Dh to my parents. I'm making sure to enjoy my last year homeschooling with my youngest.