Thursday, June 1, 2017

Curriculum and School Misses - 9th Grade

Just as Amber and I discussed her favorite and most well received school / curriculum items from 9th grade (the hits), we also considered the portions that were not as successful (the misses). Although 9th grade was for the most part fairly smooth, we would like to learn from the difficulties to make 10th grade even better.

Homeschool curriculum and school related missteps from 9th grade.

Our 9th Grade School / Curriculum Misses

Tapestry of Grace - It pains me to say this, since we loved it all through middle school. Still, the rhetoric level was not for Amber. I'm pretty sure the results would have been the same though if we had stayed at the dialectic level too. People change. Our needs changed. We just don't have the time to be so history intensive.  

I held on to TOG too long even though I knew it wasn't working. Somehow I thought we could figure a way through. It took having Amber's occupational therapist work with us to see her optimal learning styles for me to realize that TOG was not in that category. Perhaps it was 3 years ago, but it isn't anymore. 

Amber still says she wants to use Tapestry of Grace. She has fond memories of it and likes the style, yet she never wants do the assignments, or the reading, or the discussions. TOG is too overwhelming for her, with too much reading and not enough hands on learning. I did mange to adapt it for the latter part of the school year and Amber got back on track with history. However, next year we are moving to something different that is more suited to Amber's current needs - I hope.

Classical Homeschooling - Another sore spot for me and a fairly large issue for our homeschool. I love this style of education and so did Amber. However her body does not have enough stamina for that much mental exertion; she cannot physically handle it. She also needs more hands on learning. So, we are returning to a more eclectic style of learning while keeping as much of the classical ideals as possible. 

Prima German - Amber used this for several years, but simply got tired of the curriculum. That and being mentally exhausted made it difficult to motivate Amber with her German lessons. We switched to Portfolio Deutsch mid-year and had more success. I don't feel too bad about it though, since Prima German appears to have been discontinued anyway.

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  1. It is really good to look at the misses. You are such an awesome homeschool mom!
    Blessings, Dawn