Sunday, July 30, 2017

Final Summer Update

Our last official week of summer break went as a blur. I almost didn't get any pictures at all, that's how crazy it was.

Horizon: Zero Dawn with Biscotti
Monday - Amber played a New Game + load of Horizon: Zero Dawn while I took a sick day. The combination of my new medication, the symptoms of my Sjogren's, and exhaustion made it too difficult to keep going. I needed a day off.  Amber was helpful, quiet, and entertained herself with her video game. Thank goodness for a teenage daughter.

Tuesday - Neurology appointment for Amber. It sounds like a simple thing, but it's a long drive to the other side of our metro area. Plus the doctor is never on time. We were there 3 hours, and then had to drive back home. Thankfully, he is very pleased with her progress just as we are. No med changes at this point.  We did finally manage to listen to In the Reign of Terror audio drama during the drives. I must say, I had forgotten how engaging these audio dramas are. Perhaps being the driver while listening to one isn't the best idea...

Wednesday - Spa in the morning, flute lesson, and watching God's Not Dead 2 with the church youth group for Amber. It was a crazy full day. At least I got to have dinner with a friend while Amber was with the youth group.

Thursday - The last weighted blanket sewing day of our summer schedule. We will continue on a different schedule now that school is back in for most of the girls.

Friday - Delivery of the weighted blankets completed this summer. We also all got a tour of therapy services, learned what types of people use weighted blankets, and asked our questions. The tour was conducted by Amber's occupational therapist and at the location where Amber receives therapy, so it wasn't that informative for the two of us. However, the rest of the group liked the tour - it was really for them. We helped the OT pick out the information to be provided. Amber was glad her friends were able to see where she goes and meet the people who help her.

Neurology - slap happy by the time she saw the neurologist.
We've put off our official school start date till August 2nd because my nephews are visiting for a few days with my mom. Amber and I are going to spend a couple of days doing activities with them. August 2nd may end up being a busy day too, and then August 3rd we may have a service project that takes all afternoon. I'm not sure exactly how much school work will be completed this week, after all. Oops.  But regardless, August 2nd is our official school start date. Yep. I'm sticking with that.

Despite us taking the month of July off from school, Amber has accumulated 52 hours of school time since July 1.  That's amazing to me, considering I am very pick about what I consider school hours and everything I track needs to go toward a usable school credit. Even more unbelievable is that over half of those hours are in the core subjects. At least she has a good start on this school year before we ever have the official first day for our little homeschool. (Missouri considers homeschool years to run July 1 - June 30).

That's about it from here for this week!

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  1. We don't start for two more weeks. However, my kids also have many hours already recorded for the new school year. It is amazing how they learn all the time. I am only recording hours that fit perfectly with their course work. So glad you all are ahead of the game before even starting.
    Blessings, Dawn