Friday, August 11, 2017

If You Can't Laugh... (10th Gr, Wk 2)

We have two weeks of the new school year down! Okay, so last week was really just 2 partial days of school, but we have our second Friday of school for the year completed.

As a disclaimer, I took very few pictures this week that were of any use. I had plenty of opportunity, but still took none. You could say I'm great at living in the moment. You could also say I'm forgetful and possibly not the photographer type.

We were supposed to have a week entirely at home, except for Amber's flute lesson. It was going to be glorious and a magnificent start to the school year. Did you notice the "supposed" the first sentence? Obviously, the week did not go as planned, but it still wasn't horrible.

Lunch at McAlister's today. We had fun playing Name That 80's Tune during lunch.
Sunday afternoon I had a teachers' meeting for our homeschool co-op. You know the school year is truly upon us when the co-op begins the meetings. This also meant I wasn't at home all afternoon. I went right from a long-ish church service, to lunch, home to collect my iPad and change clothes, then the meeting. Fred and Amber stayed home and met me for dinner after my meeting, before he took Amber to a youth group event at church. All of this busyness means I didn't know Amber started feeling blah Sunday afternoon. My first inkling of it was at bedtime on Sunday.

By Monday morning it was evident she had something - I still think it's a summer cold. She's achy without a fever, congested, tired, and overall grumpy.  She's been this way all week; pity me.

We actually had decided to take our August "Amber and Mom" day on Monday because I'm trying to have relaxing Mondays in order to not be sick the rest of the week. Sundays are a real drain on me lately. However, Amber was a grumpy, cranky, mess of teenage girl on Monday. Because she wasn't feeling well, last minute changes to our plans did not go well. Apparently, colds override all of the good that OT has done with her sensory issues and she couldn't handle the slightest change in her mental schedule for the day.

We had last minute errands to run, a cat that needed a vet trip, and I was super puny. We accomplished nothing even remotely school-like. But I got to practice patience and she had to learn to deal with disappointing schedule changes. It was a learning moment for us both.

Tuesday was a re-do of the "Amber and Mom" day, and it went much better. She still had the cold, but wasn't quite as miserable as Monday morning. We did need to take a trip into Concordia Seminary to drop off donations and those are done by appointment, otherwise I would not have dared make that errand part of the day. However, the mall with the LEGO store is somewhat on our way home from the seminary, so I was able to make the seminary sound like a small detour from the store.

Grumpy & puny, but studying the driver's book.
All was well, and we had an amusing time getting ourselves lost on the campus of the seminary only to find the building we needed by accident and totally look like we knew where we were going. Unless you had heard our conversation in the car, then we sounded like total nut jobs. As a side note, my cats could do a better job making a usable campus map. I'm just saying. Roads are missing from the map. Buildings are not actually on the roads where they appear. I realize there is construction going on, but unless they are entirely relocating buildings, that map is not in the least helpful. Random campus investigation works better.

I guess we could count that as a learning experience too (I did not even attempt to record those hours, though).  There was map reading, map crumpling, driving lessons (er... how to determine what is actually a road and what is a... oh, they are all roads), building name reading, and determining that really old buildings do not necessarily have interior stairs?? But all was well, because we can just go through this door hidden behind the dumpster to find the lower level entrance. Obviously.

That was Monday and Tuesday. The week had to get better, if less amusing. It did, even though Amber was still puny, congested, and mildly grumpy. She is trying very hard to stick to the bedtime I have set for the school year. I'm actually quite proud of her efforts. However, wake-up time in the morning is not going quite so well. Still, she's sick. She wasn't sleeping this much a week ago, well maybe she was, but it was during the night. Apparently she's too achy to sleep and by the time she can sleep her medication has worn off and she can't breathe. So, I've let her sleep quite late this week.

All of this to say, we have not stuck to our carefully crafted daily schedule. I've been selecting subjects I wanted to get started and carefully watching her energy levels. We have not started math yet for the year. We're both okay with that. I dread Monday when I'm going to have to introduce Geometry.

This week Amber worked on:

  • Driver's education - She wasn't reading the Missouri driver's book on her own. I very much desire her to obtain her permit and receive at least some basic driving instructions. My neuropathy pain and numbness is getting worse. Who knows when I will need a back-up driver. So, I made it an assignment Wednesday - Friday, and she's all but finished the book. Next up to review and take practice tests. I'm hoping she has her driving permit before the end of August.

  • Marine Biology - This is a review item from the Homeschool Review Crew. Amber is not fond of biology, but there is information I think she needs to know in this course. Neither of us want to do the experiments, especially the dissections. Instead she is reading the text and working through the student journal. I'm fine with this; she's fine with this and honestly enjoying it.

  • History - She was able to start up her newly designed course that is based around Notgrass Exploring America, with some additions because I just can't help myself. So far, she's enjoying this too, at least more than the rhetoric level of Tapestry of Grace.

  • Government - One lesson completed from Notgrass Exploring Government. Again, she likes it better than TOG.

  • Greek - We've worked on this every day, Wednesday through Friday. Because Amber took most of July away from school lessons, she did not study her Greek much. Thankfully, about an hour of review was all she needed. Actually, I'm not sure she needed it, but I made her review anyway.  However, it turns out I should have reviewed. When we started an actual lesson on Thursday, I had significant problems keeping up. Much more so than when she last did a full Greek lesson. At least I know she's understanding, since she spent a good deal of time on Thursday explaining to me and correcting my pronunciation. All without her book, while I was scouring the teacher's guide for any clue that might jog my memory.  I'm concerned that we might need a Greek tutor this year, instead of next. But...we'll forge on until I am so hopelessly lost that she's basically teaching herself. Thank goodness for the video lessons!

More driver's book.
It feels like there were more subjects completed, but that's all my Homeschool Tracker shows, except for flute lesson and practices. Maybe I just considered more subjects and discarded those thoughts as crazy.  

I'm really not sure what's up for this weekend. Sleep? House cleaning? Craft projects? Video games? Maybe all of it. Next week has a few things on the schedule, but if Amber's cold will relent then we will be even more productive than this week. 

Wish us luck, or at least less calamity than this week.

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  1. Your sense of humor shined in this post. I do hope next week has less calamities. We start Monday and I am already seeing issues on the horizon. We shall solider on.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Good luck! Hope she's feeling much better real soon.

  3. Hope Amber is feeling better! Still looks like a pretty good start to the school year. Thanks for linking up!