Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Must Have School Supplies for High School?

The topic of today's blog hop post was supposed to be school supplies you can't homeschool without. I think maybe I should change it to be "How to homeschool high school with minimal school supplies" or "Homeschooling high school with a pencil and paper." 

When I think about school supplies, having a high school student, there really isn't anything that we must have. At least, nothing stands out immediately. It is very unlike me or Amber to be minimalists, which boggles me even more on this particular topic. We used to absolutely love school supply shopping.

Now days, Amber uses your standard mechanical pencil, some random pens, lined paper (she prefers college ruled, I like wide ruled), cheap folders, an occasional spiral notebook, maybe an eraser, and quad ruled paper for math. I like gel pens and tons of printer paper. But all of these are pretty standard items, and I have no insights into secret ways to use supplies. Seriously, we are the most boring school supply shoppers you will ever meet. 

We have a full art supply bin in the closet, and honestly, none of those are earth-shattering either. Since Amber likes to sketch and draw, our art products revolve around sketch pads, drawing pencils, and colored pencils. She even has some special art erasers, yet we don't find them essential for school - just for her hobby. (Wait... she's taking a co-op art class this year, so they qualify as school supplies now!)

We actually wandered through our Target's school supply section looking for something fun to buy, and there was nothing that we needed. Nothing that jumped out at us as something we would purchase. Granted, we have more pencil boxes than a family with one child should have because I organized younger Amber's school supplies in her under-the-desk-cubbies with them. We have all of the math gadgets, rulers, highlighters, markers, science supplies, and decorative erasers that one student could ever need.

I already have the requisite comb binding machine and laminator. Admittedly, I've enjoyed owning them, but I don't use them terribly frequently. I think I actually use them more for the co-op classes I teach than for home use. Amber has too many backpacks to count, and she only uses them for co-op days.

So those of you who are looking at the school supply section of your local store wondering what you need for the coming year, remember that some of us find simplicity to be the easier path, especially for older students. You actually can make it an entire year without using a single 25 cent glue stick. (Is that still the sale price?)

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  1. Your post made me laugh. This is the approach my husband takes! LOL

  2. I love that you can wander through the supplies and not need anything. I also appreciate the simplicity of your approach. -Lori

  3. My youngest is a 6th grader this year and I confess, school shopping is not as fun as it used to be! I almost feel like a bad mom, not filling the shopping cart with cute and clever school supplies. But what a great feeling to have what we need. Let's get this year started!

  4. You know, I'm right there with you! My kids are high schoolers (well one is 8th) and when I was thinking about what to write about, I came up with pencils, because that's our primary "supply" item :)

  5. simplicity is the easiest path indeed. :)