Friday, August 18, 2017

Oh... Math. Why? (Wk3 - 10th)

Another fantastic week of 10th grade is in the books, minus the calamity of last week. I don't want to jinx it or anything, but this has been a very productive start to the school year. Quite often we flounder at the beginning of the year, which leaves us scurrying to make up the hours and work during the winter. Of course, winter is the worst time of year for Amber and her medical conditions.

We worked around appointments, errands, and time out with friends to stay on track with an even 20 hours of school this week. No, it's not exactly a full week of school, which for us would be 28 hours, however it was all we needed to not fall behind. And honestly, it's better than most years at this point.

Marine biology (the book), and online driver's license practice tests - she did missed one question over 11 tests!

Amber worked on:
  • Greek - lots of Greek and finished another lesson.
  • German - more German than she did all of second semester last year.
  • Latin - we plan for it to go at a slower pace than the other two languages, since she already has three years of Latin under her belt. So, just a small amount of Latin this week.
  • Both creative writing and her IEW writing course, plus grammar.
  • She finished the assignment for her summer literature, and is ready to start her next unit.
  • History and government, both. She seems to honestly like the Notgrass curriculum, which is fantastic, while not really being what I thought was ever her type of curriculum.
  • Marine Biology - It's a review curriculum, but she is enjoying it. We do not do the labs. Nope. Not gonna happy. We are not biology-studying people. Still, she is finding the course interesting as long as she can read and answer the questions only.
  • Driver's Ed - She is ready to take the written test! Hallelujah! Now, to find time for it.

I will admit that Amber has yet to start her math class for the year. We've had a good start to everything else that is not part of the homeschool co-op, which begins next week. Math is another issue all together. Every time I bring up math as the next subject of the day, I can just see the terror in Amber's eyes and the rapid breathing starts. We can't do it as the last subject of the day, because she simply does not have the brain power by then. Yet, trying it earlier in the day results in panic and then she's not functional after the panic attack. So, this is something I'm working to resolve.

I'm hoping if we can just get past the first lesson or two, she will remember how much she likes the Life of Fred math, comparatively, and it will all be ok. It's never going to be sunshine and roses, but I'm only asking to avoid the daily math panic attacks. Thanks.

We've been working really hard with Biscotti to make him more comfortable with the other cats again. Rose accepts him just fine, but Biscotti is scared still because of the incidents with Milori. This week he willingly got that close to Rose. Tonight he watched Rose wander about in the same room as him, and SHE didn't have a leash.  It's huge progress from hissing and growling at her smell or sight. We're still not sure how Milori will react to Biscotti in close proximity. Milori is having... referred anger from critters outside.
Fred was out of town for the beginning of this past week, which left Amber and me to our own devices. Oddly, those were our most productive school days, but only because we had absolutely nothing scheduled either day. I really do like having our Mondays free of activities and appointments. It allows us both to have an easier day after the weekend, which inevetably leaves one or both of us sick. If only church and Sunday school started around 11 am. I'd be good to go on Mondays.

Wednesday I had an appointment with my GI doctor to discuss what the Sjogren's diagnosis means for the care he gives me, and what in the world I'm supposed to do with my gastroparesis (or is it something else... please let's just stick with gastroparesis). Fred worked from home after his trip that day and managed Amber's out of the house lessons. It was nice to not worry about getting her places on time after an appointment.

Thursday was the open house for our homeschool co-op at their new location! It was exciting and fun to see our friends again and wander about the church that is hosting us this year. We are so appreciative of the new church and their welcoming attitude. Amber kept talking about how much she likes this new building, and how nice it is inside. While it is an older building, the current church has worked hard to remodel the inside and everything looks fantastic. And clean. It's hard to admit it, but our church, where the co-op had been, is not cleaned very well. There is always a layer of dust around, and I would be embarrassed if my bathrooms looked that way after cleaning. It's not awful, but it's not pleasant either. (When your teenager notices how dirty your church is compared to a much older building, perhaps I'm not just being my OCD self on this topic.)

Co-op supplies: Meteorology and Debate. 
After the open house, we even were able to have lunch with friends at a favorite restaurant that happens to be a couple of blocks from the new co-op location. I think I may have to go out to lunch during my three hour teaching break this year. I don't think I've ever had the hour after lunch off before and now I'm off from Noon until 3:00. Or, I can even go home for lunch. We live so close now and there is plenty of time. My possibilities are endless. Amber's possibilities include eating the lunch I pack her and not eating lunch because of her class schedule. Poor child.

This weekend I'm doing the final prep on the three co-op classes I'm teaching - wish me luck. Amber will continue to build on her huge new Lego set: Ninjago City from their Ninjago Movie sets. It's almost 5000 pieces. We ordered it the day it was available for VIP members, and amazingly it arrived the very next day.

Now that the weather forecast shows a better chance for sun on Monday, we're looking forward to a little science with the eclipse. We actually live in the path of totality, so will be going out to our backyard to view it through approved glasses. If Amber's best friend and her mom can manage to get through the anticipated traffic, they will be joining us. Because our area has such a good view of the eclipse, the officials are expecting many visitors and a lot of traffic jams. Unfortunately, the edge of the totality path goes right through the metro area, so friends not 10 miles away won't see it. We are personally planning on staying home, and seeing what we can see. And that will be it.

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  1. Our city will see 99% of the eclipse (the totality is about 45 miles southwest). Ninety-nine percent is good enough for me. I am just now willing to deal with the traffic. We have our glasses and have invited two families to join us. We will see if they make it since they both live 25+ miles away. Some of the smaller towns around us are treating the day like a nature disaster. We are trying only Life of Fred this semester for Dean in the hopes it will reduce anxiety.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Looks like a great week! My kids would pick up on the messy church too.

  3. My daughter has anxiety with math as well...hope you get it figured out without too much stress involved! We are starting Sept. 1st. My daughter loves her new lego set pictured!!!

  4. Oh math; we seem to have the same problem! My oldest son has whole lot of anxiety over it and yet he really is quite good at it.

  5. Oh math - our least favorite subject as well! My daughter has switched to No-Nonsense Algebra. Congrats on a good productive start to the school year, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it won't be jinxed!