Friday, September 22, 2017

Exhaustion Won (Wk8 - 10th)

Let's just start right off by saying we were not diligent or productive with school this week. Yes, some school happened. Unfortunately nearly exclusively our sick day style lessons or co-op. Our week was full of appointments and exhaustion, and a few more similarly scheduled weeks are coming up. Try as I might, it seems some seasons we can't avoid the busy, away from home days.

Total for this week:

  • Meteorology - class time, homework, and working with me on the class lab trial.
  • U.S. History - video lessons and audio drama.
  • Government - one lesson. One measly lesson.
  • Fine Arts - Flute lesson & practice, drama class, and art class.
  • Phys Ed - several sessions (thankfully)

(So basically, that buffer we had, as of last week, is now gone. Sigh)

School! Lab trial (dew point) and listening to an audio drama while taking notes!
Monday would have been a restful day at home with a good solid afternoon of school, except my mom needed help with a few errands. We don't do near enough for her or see her as much as we would like, thus I decided we could take the day off. Amber still read some from a free-reading book, so it was a good day.

I spent a good deal of time on the phone this week scheduling future appointments for both Amber and me. My GI test from last week resulted in different test in a couple of weeks - radioactive eggs, yum. Sjogren's is not playing nice with any part of my digestive system; at least I've already had my gallbladder taken out and it can't be damaged now.  Not to be outdone by me, Amber's Tuesday GI visit resulted in a lot of blood work, x-rays, and a HIDA scan for her gallbladder. Although earlier this year an ultrasound indicated the polyp in Amber's gallbladder had dissolved, she is now having symptoms and pain the doctor feels could still be a malfunctioning or non-functioning gallbladder. Seriously, Amber doesn't have to compete with me!

Biscotti was being as cuddly as a large cat can be. And Amber's Focus arrived this week. It's a costume prop for a costume we decided against for this year. Still, she now has Aloy's Focus from Horizon Zero Dawn. And is a little excited.
Shockingly we only had a couple of errands for Wednesday, yet exhaustion and the summer-like heat made it rather difficult for us both. Still, Amber managed a small amount of school work, her flute lesson, and some household chores. I managed to make dinner for the second night in a row, but it was an Instant Pot fail - okay my family says it wasn't a failure. Despite their support, it truly was a failure and I ate Tuesday night leftovers. I suppose it was edible, yet nothing like beef tips should be. Similarly, the round steak I tried in the Instant Pot last month was mostly edible while not exactly right, although Amber says she liked it better than oven cooked round steak. I think she was just trying to be supportive of my attempt at any type of real cooking these days.

The task of cooking for our family's dietary restrictions is daunting and I often don't have the energy for dealing with it. To be honest, it gives me anxiety thinking about it and then by the time I convince myself I can make dinner, I'm so exhausted that I actually can't. I've been trying to plan better meals this week and schedule some of my weekend time to prepare food from scratch again. It's been hard coming to terms with my Sjogren's and that I might not ever have more energy than this. Prioritizing needed tasks against family time and enjoyable hobbies (or sleep) has been a struggle.

Right before I did the manual release to find out that dinner was not good. Then Fred ran to the store for chocolate because we had none and it was definitely a chocolate night.
Not to mention that I have what Fred terms as volunteeritis. In my mind, I should be able to help out more with various organizations. I have the knowledge and ability, but no longer the energy. I'm trying, honestly I am, to say "no" more often or to not straight up volunteer without even being asked. Still, there are things I'd like to keep doing, yet never seem to have the time. For example, the weighted blanket project Amber and her friends have been working on. We did great this summer, but it drained me to the point where I could hardly function after each session. The girls can't wait to resume on a school year schedule. I am having trouble just contemplating the time needed to gather supplies, much less hosting them all here. It may need to be a summer only project, because I really need to focus my weekends on resting, cooking, preparing co-op classes, and mentally preparing for the coming week with Amber.

Amber found some cute earrings at our pharmacy, and I found a CD that has been missing for 10 years in a very old portable CD player. There was much rejoicing and immediate conversion to MP3. (Brian May - Back to the Light)
Next week we actually have a relatively calm week compared to October or even this past week. I guess the calm before the storm. I'm going to attempt to squish in as many quality school lessons as possible. I might even order our groceries delivered again, just because I don't want to spare the school time to fetch them myself. Oh, this grocery delivery could become addictive.

Have a fantastic first weekend of autumn. We're decorating for Amber's favorite season!

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  1. I'm sorry this was not a great week. Hope you are both feeling so much better, and that you have another good week soon so you can build that buffer back up!

    I've suffered from volunteerism for many years, except we call it Helium Hand Syndrome. ;-) You know - you hear about something that needs done and before you can stop yourself, your hand is raised volunteering to help - or worse yet, be in charge! Gah!! Hope you can find a good balance.

  2. I think you are doing a fantastic job with all of the trials that lay in front of you. I love the idea of grocery delivery. Have a blessed weekend.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. I could see grocery delivery being a helpful thing... especially cost saving as you would see temptation.. :) You had me looking up with your illness was so I learned something new. You'll find your balance.

  4. Oooh, I understand about grocery delivery. If I could only afford to have food for 14 delivered every week, I'd be doing it ALWAYS!

    May you both feel better this week ahead.