Sunday, September 17, 2017

More Progress Than I Think (Wk 7 - 10th)

Thinking back on this week, it felt like we didn't accomplish much at all. It has been a strange week for me with appointments that didn't involve Amber directly. Perhaps that's why I felt like school had been left by the wayside. However, when I look at our Homeschool Tracker log, it shows that Amber clearly worked diligently this week despite still struggling with some nasal allergies.

We take it easy on Mondays because the weekends (specifically Sunday church) is difficult for both Amber and me being before Noon. I've found that if I am more relaxed with our schedules on Monday and avoid appointments, when possible, the rest of the week goes smoother because we had time to recover from Sunday.

This past Monday was one of those lighter days and we didn't even start school until after lunch. Amber completed four hours of school, although quite a bit of that was dedicated to consumer math. I'm not exactly sure what happened with the lesson, but it was a very easy lesson - or it should have been. She even said it was simple when looking at it before working on the problems. Yet she struggled through the whole assignment, which honestly was the level of math she did in 5th grade. Many of her answers were incorrect too. I went over it with her and she nearly had a break-down over one particular problem, which in the end she had correct and knew how to do. The anxiety she feels over math is becoming crippling again.

Tuesday I was scheduled for a GI test that could take from 30 minutes (unlikely, very unlikely) to 6 hours. I scheduled a whole day of assignments for Amber in Homeschool Tracker, but no math! It was all subjects that do not usually require my direct interaction during her lesson time, although I review her work and discuss things later. Amber got up on time and was ready for school when I left in the mid-morning. My mom was scheduled to come out in the late morning to have lunch with Amber and hangout for a while in the afternoon while Amber worked on more school assignments.

Multitasking: gaming and reading a book.
Amber and my mom were looking forward to spending some time together that day even if Amber needed to work on school. However, my digestive system decided to display its stunningly magnificent capability for rapid transit, and I was going to be one of the 30-45 minute people. The techs almost missed it all because things moved so fast. During a minuscule break in the testing, I contacted my mom and asked her to head on out to our house so Amber could have Grandma time after all. Then on my way home from the hospital, I stopped and ran a few errands without Amber. Sometimes I'd really like to linger a bit longer while shopping, but Amber doesn't have the energy.

All of the scheduled assignments were completed on Tuesday, which honestly saved my sanity for the week. Wednesday we both were back to feeling kinda blah and didn't start school lessons until the afternoon. Still, Amber finished three subjects and went to her flute lesson. Thursday was our full co-op day that thankfully boosted our school time since Amber has 5 hours of classes every Thursday. It's nothing compared to what she accomplished on Tuesday, but better than her Wednesday.

Friday, was basically a day off from school for Amber. Fred even only worked a half day and was home before Amber was finished getting ready.  I suppose I could have insisted Amber do a few minutes of school here and there, but I was busy putting last minute paperwork together for the mid-afternoon appointment with neuropsychology.

Fred and I met with a private neuropsych to get the process started to complete cognitive testing with Amber. Mainly this is to document her needed educational accommodations because of her medical conditions. We had a fairly long list of accommodations that have been recommended by the various specialists and medical team, but it is so hard to pull it all together. All of the specialists suggested and actively recommended that we take Amber to neuropsychology to create a comprehensive plan. Thankfully, it went well at the initial parent meeting and Amber is scheduled for testing in October. She only has a couple hours of testing a day because she simply can't do it.

I'm trying very hard this school year to limit appointments and school distractions, however September has turned out to be an extremely difficult month and early October is not looking to be any better. Hopefully, my GI doctor will not want too many more tests or appointments to figure out what needs to be done. Hopefully, Amber's GI doctor will not want any additional tests after her appointment this coming week. Hopefully, we can both be energized enough to be diligent the remainder of our at-home days in September.

With her Companion Cube - we're putting together a Chell (from Portal) costume for Halloween.

Progress so far:

  • Percent of school year completed - 15.4%
    (by weeks, assuming no summer school and a 4-week Christmas vacation)
  • Percent of total hours completed - 17.5%
  • Percent of core hours completed - 17.1%
     (yes, we have to record core hours separate from total hours)
I guess we aren't doing too bad for the school year, but I'd like to get ahead some for the sicklier winter months and not have to count on summer school to finish the hours.

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  1. OH!! I laughed... I need to remember this for my own lovely digestive system "my digestive system decided to display its stunningly magnificent capability for rapid transit" oh my... it's so.. apropro. :) I hope the rest of your September passes by well and productively. :)