Friday, September 8, 2017

Short Week (Wk6 - 10th)

This was a short school week for us with the Labor Day holiday and we decided to take Tuesday as our "Amber and Mom Day" for September. It was a good choice of our September day too. We both were kinda tired still, having trouble with our gastroparesis, and really not feeling all that much like school.

Instead I took Amber to the spa for her eyebrow waxing (such a fun event), shopping for a few fall clothing items for us both, and home again to play video games. Okay... I just watched. Amber is enjoying Horizon: Zero Dawn, but it is a single player game. Actually, she's completed it several times now on various difficulty levels utilizing the New Game+ option to load out her saves, and is now anxiously waiting the pre-ordered downloadable content addition coming in November.

I'm not sure why it's surprising that Amber is a gamer girl; her dad has always been a gamer, and I have played my fair share of video games. Honestly, I probably would still play games if I had a only little more time.

Being absolutely silly while helping me test our wind exercise for meteorology class. Yes, there is more to it besides the streamers, but she was being a goof.
School Details:
My plan for school was to emphasize everything besides history & government since she worked on those quite a bit last week. I guess in theory we did as intended, but it was a very short week for us with two days completely off school and one day at co-op. I'm not sure how one emphasizes anything in two days.

Consumer math continues to move Amber forward in math without the anxiety she experienced attempting geometry. She's still in the portion that reviews mathematical operations and algebra. I believe she might even begin to enjoy the more practical applications in the coming chapters. And this week I checked into the math requirements at some of the universities she might eventually attend. One of those schools (the preferred one even) no longer requires college algebra, but allows consumer math or algebra based statistics as the single required math class. This means Amber may not even need to worry about geometry or trigonometry for college. She's been riding high on that information all week, except today when she was upset about having a math assignment because she wanted to spend more time on creative writing.

She learned to use a compass... it was a unique experience. And I used my anemometer
Otherwise, this week we focused on English, specifically grammar, literature, and creative writing. Of course she kept up with her languages too, but we did not add any new lessons because we can only do so much in two days of at-home school.

Although next week includes a couple of lengthy appointments for me, I'm hoping Amber can remain focused and productive at home. Let's hope she is diligent while I'm away, because even though she will be with an adult, it won't be me and that doesn't always go well for school. Otherwise it will be a good deal of lost school time that I need to take from her free time.

Creative writing. And Biscotti - the super playful cat this week. He collected and then proceeded to guard his favorite toys, just daring me to steal one in a game. Except... he is lightning fast and has his claws.

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  1. Seems like you accomplished a lot, even in a short week! Love the pictures of the weather experiments, especially the goofy ones. :-) Obviously she was having a good time learning!

  2. I love her faces in the wind experiment photos. It still sounds like you managed to quite a bit done even with the short week of classes.

  3. You got plenty done for a short week. Love the pictures.
    Blessings, Dawn

  4. I love hearing about what you and Amber are up to each week! Looks like you got quite a bit accomplished for being a short week! Hopefully, next week will be really good for you both!

  5. Biscotti looks like a cat that stealing things from would be a BAD idea. :)