Friday, October 27, 2017

A Downward Spiral (Wk 13 - 10th)

We finally had a week with only flute, co-op, and one PT session on the calendar. That was all we had scheduled for the week. I had great plans to make this the most productive week ever seen, or at least the most productive that we've been in a month. I was silly.

The weather is turning cooler here, which means Amber's EDS and dysautonomia are affecting her body more negatively. Each season requires adjustments with a lessened ability level the closer we get to winter. I try to be mindful of this and help Amber adjust. Sometimes it's as simple as not forcing subjects that cause anxiety. Her body creates enough anxiety while it's adjusting; she does not need added anxiety from school. Other times I need to give her extra rest or sleep time. Then, there are just the times when she needs someone to listen.

This week, she needed all of the assistance she could get and life conspired against her transitioning to the cooler weather easily.

Sunday, before the youth group Halloween party. Amber is Chell from the Portal video games.
I've been crocheting a new pattern - I really like these leaves. 
Monday was a disaster of near epic proportions. To most people, it would have been a slight inconvenience, but it meant a change in schedule for Amber. Not any change in schedule, but changes to things she was excited about and had planned. We were finally going to First Watch for lunch after trying for weeks to find a good time to go. Then, we were going to run a few errands together and maybe do some shopping at Kohl's. We had nothing in particular to purchase, but just some relaxing shopping together.

Unfortunately, my car's battery had given up over the weekend unbeknownst to me. I have been lucky in my life that all of my dead car batteries have occurred at home. I have been safe in my own house with resources available to contact others for assistance. However, this was the first time that my car battery died when I did not have to be somewhere at a specified time. You'd think that made it the least stressful. It did not.  Amber immediately went to her anxiety mode and clearly had trouble processing that her day just changed.

One call to Fred at work, and he quickly understood the situation. Thankfully, he was able to come home and help jump my car battery. It took a while, but finally we got it enough juice to limp to a service shop where I had a new battery in a few hours. While waiting on my car, Fred took us all out to lunch at McAlister's because First Watch, being a breakfast / lunch only restaurant, was already closing by the time we had dealt with my car. He then dropped Amber and me at Kohl's while he wandered around another nearby store.

Amber and I managed to push my car out of the garage and have it ready to be jumped when Fred got home.
Playing her LEGO Ninjago video game to relax some.
We tried to rescue Amber's mental schedule. She tried to adjust to the change in schedule. In the end, she nearly passed out in Kohl's and had some rather substantial anxiety issues. Thanks dysautonomia.

Amber still was not herself on Tuesday, although it was definitely better than Monday. Then again, I didn't ask much from her. We made pancakes together for lunch (instead of First Watch), worked out the kinks in my co-op meteorology class lab for the week, ran a Target errand, and played a few board games together. She declared the day to be enjoyable and relaxing. I felt like I was walking on eggshells all day. At least it helped her body calm down from the stress of Monday.

We were back into a lighter school schedule on Wednesday and then our regular co-op schedule on Thursday. Friday the weather turned significantly colder and Amber had her physical therapy appointment. She woke Friday morning with dark circles around her eyes and nausea every time she ate. Seriously dysautonomia, can you give it a rest?!?

Instead of school lessons, Amber had her PT session, and ran four errands with me. They were small errands that kept her active. Then she did some household chores, and worked on her art drawing for the rest of the afternoon. Not the highly productive end to the week I had hoped for, yet it was better than Monday.  That's my new goal - let's keep things better than Monday.

Why yes, those are dark chocolate chip pancakes and real maple syrup. 
Tomorrow Amber is working on her co-op homework and resting. In case you hadn't heard, October 31st of this year is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. While eventful for many protestants, Lutherans are tending to go all out for Reformation Day (and Reformation Sunday) this year.  Not only will our congregation be celebrating Reformation Sunday this weekend, it is also the confirmation of Amber's best friend. It's hard to believe it's been a year since Amber's confirmation!  Now on Sunday we will be celebrating with her best friend and Amber needs to be feeling much better than she has all week.

That's pretty much been our week. What should have been a minor inconvenience on Monday led to a downward spiral of anxiety and dysautonomia flares for Amber. There are times when I think we really have a handle on her chronic illnesses, and then other times I am reminded of how little control she honestly has over her body. We will try again next week to be more productive.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that Amber had such a difficult week. Sending hugs and prayers for her to regain her strength and energy.

  2. I am sorry it was such a rough week. I know that the medial issues are very frustrating. You are doing a wonderful job.

  3. That sounds really tough. And thanks for the info about the reformation. We have a Lutheran church 2 blocks from our home, and I've been wondering about the busy-ness I've seen all around the church for the past several weeks. Now I know! :)

    Wishing you both a more joyful week ahead.

  4. Hoping the coming week is easier for you that this one has been.