Friday, October 20, 2017

Autumn Lessons (Wk12 - 10th)

Our medical appointments began winding down a little this week. I still haven't scheduled the test(s) the neurologist requested for me, but I'll get to that next week. I simply could not contemplate adding more to our schedule in the very near future.

Monday was a glorious day around here. My new dishwasher was scheduled to arrive in the afternoon, which meant I could sleep late while still being prepared for the delivery. The dishwasher installer did not arrive until close to 3:00 pm with my dishwasher, so by the time it was all finished we only had a short time before dinner. We stayed home all day, and accomplished quite a bit of school lessons.

Lots of lessons!
We even moved school to the family room & breakfast room for the day, so we could be closer to the fireplace and available for the dishwasher installer. Our weather has been up and down lately with some rather cool mornings. However I've not been willing to turn our furnace on for a couple of hours in the early morning, so the house has been a little cooler than comfortable when we get up. I don't know why it has taken me this many years to figure it out, but I can turn on the gas fireplace for a short time in the morning and it warms the whole house up just enough. No furnace needed yet.

Amber is nothing if not obsessed with tradition, and every year reminds me how we school in the downstairs during the fall. She has fond memories of a specific spelling test taken while I decorated the kitchen and breakfast room. It was a sad year for her when she no longer took spelling tests. Seriously.

New dishwasher - it works much better and matches my refrigerator! More school work.
Now instead of the spelling test while decorating, Amber asks move her school downstairs on sunny autumn days. According to her, she so loves this season and it makes her happy to see all the decorations about the house. We even decorate her room and playroom / spare room for the days when she still works upstairs.

The medical appointments this week were all for Amber and went fairly well. Her gallbladder is doing okay for now and the pain clinic kept all her meds the same although she is going to add a new GI med that we hope will be a big help. We rewarded ourselves after each appointment by running errands, since we were already out and our school interrupted.

The week was definitely much more productive than the earlier part of October.

Milori was being so goofy. Poor Rosetta was having an arthritis flare, and found the fireplace minutes before we had to leave the house (and turn off the fireplace).
School lessons:

  • Consumer Math - 3 lessons - Yes! Amber is back to working on her math again. She still very anxious about math, but I stay with her while she works on math. This way she doesn't feel it's hard to get my attention if she has a problem. Instead, she can ask me immediately, and that prevents some of the anxiety that sets in while she's deciding if she should ask for help. Most of the time, she knows what she's doing, she's just not confident in her ability.
  • Creative Writing - 1 lesson
  • IEW Writing - 1 lesson
  • Literature - 1 week's worth
  • Government - 1 week's worth
  • Grammar - one week's worth
  • Marine Biology - 2 units
  • German - 1 lesson
  • Co-op classes - she spent a good deal of time preparing for her drama audition prior to class day. However, the drama teacher was absent, so she still needs to audition next week.
Whew! It felt good to be back to almost our normal schedule. Next week we have no extra appointments, except Amber's monthly PT session. 

Here's to a restful weekend and a productive school week coming up.

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  1. Glad to hear you have a dishwasher, and that you're back to a more normal schedule! How sweet about Amber's love for tradition and the autumn season. <3

  2. The weeks that have a normal schedule are a relief. We are really enjoying that this year, so far. I hope it continues.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Appointments can wreak havoc on our schedules as well as our physical and mental energy levels! I hope you both feel better after all the tests are done and possible new treatments are implemented. I didn't realize you were also dealing with Sjogren Syndrome, Christy. I'll be praying.