Thursday, October 26, 2017

First Quarter Update (10th Grade)

I'm a little behind in posting the first quarter progress report for this school year. I blame it on the plethora of the medical appointments around the end of the quarter. Even though I'm behind in posting, Amber is not behind in her school work. Thankfully.

Since I have a high school sophomore who finds earning her needed credits more relevant than recording every possible school related minute, I've become overly stringent on documenting school hours. I don't enter anything in our Homeschool Tracker unless it applies to a current / needed course. This definitely has helped to keep Amber focused on the subjects scheduled this school year.

Total Hours: 286 / 1000 ( 28% complete)
Core Hours: 170 / 600 ( 28% complete)


Consumer Math - (1 credit) - She's on track to finish by the end of the school year. She hates math. Loathes it - even fears it. Yet is managing to stay on track.

English II - (1 credit) - This includes writing, grammar, and literature.  She's halfway finished with this credit already, in hours at least. I'm fairly certain the course we have set out will take more than the required hours to finish. Next semester the writing portion will be taught by me at co-op. That alone will probably put her at the required hours for the credit. Still, an intended English major needs to finish all of the needed course work and not just the hours. I'll probably give her honors credit for this course when it is all said and done, but I need to see how she manages the rest of the school year first.

Creative Writing - (1 credit) - This is an additional elective that she's been working on over a two year period. It's halfway complete, which is fantastic considering she didn't put as much toward it last year as she could.

U.S. History - (1 credit) - She is on track with a little over a quarter of it finished.

U.S. Government - (1/2 credit) - Also right where this should be. Although it is only a half credit, we are spacing it out over the whole school year to earn those hours. That means she doesn't need to work on it every day.

Science: Meteorology - (1/2 credit) - It would be almost impossible to fall behind in this one, since I'm teaching it at co-op for her. It is exactly on schedule.

Foreign Languages - (various credits) - We only had vague ideas of how many credits she would earn of each. She's making good progress in Greek and German. Latin is her least favorite of them, and so is moving slower, although she already has taken three years of Latin and thus uses it more as a review.

Fine Arts - Still attending weekly flute lessons and practicing at home; this is her fifth year of flute lessons after six years of piano lessons. Co-op drama and art classes take up at least three hours of class time per week plus homework. Amber already earned 1/3 of a credit this school year in fine arts, which is added to her 3/4 credit from 9th grade. Officially, she's completed all the fine arts required. I imagine she will have quite a bit of fine arts to spare at the end of high school.

Practical Arts - Continuing to work on her driving, life skills, and computer usage skills. She already earned a 1/4 credit in practical arts this school year, which is added to the 1/2 credit from 9th grade. She's so close to completing the required single credit of practical arts.

Physical Education - Amber continues her regular physical therapy sessions and at-home program that includes cardio work along with care of her joints. Someone with as many problems as she has with her body is generally already aware of their physical needs. We count any hours that she pointedly works toward keeping her body healthy as physical education.  She's on track to earn another 1/2 credit as she did in 9th grade.  (As an aside, her pain clinic team commented just last week on how hard she has worked to get to her current functionality. They credit keeping herself active - both with exercise and social events. Way to go Amber!)



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