Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Our Favorite Language Arts Resources: Literature

Given how much Amber loves to read and generally enjoys literature, I found it ironic that we struggled with finding the right match of curriculum for high school level literature. We've tried numerous fantastic guides and curriculum, some of which worked well for one novel then was too repetitious by the time we hit the second. Others sounded like the ideal literature guide, but turned out to be too much work for Amber, given her chronic illnesses.

Unexpected Homeschool: Our Favorite Language Arts Resources - Writing

We've found it best to use a mixture of literature resources to guide Amber through the novels, plays, and poetry lists we deem important. Some of these resources would have made a perfect single curriculum solution if they covered all of the literature on Amber's list. Between them we have Amber pretty much set through high school and these give her a little variety in her studies.

Writing with Sharon Watson: 

This is Amber's absolute favorite curriculum for literature. She completed When Worlds Collide in eighth grade, and has been anxiously awaiting the second volume, Characters in Crisis, which she is working in right now. However Amber had already studied several of the novels in the new volume, which means it will be fairly quick to complete.

Hewitt Homeschooling - Lightning Literature:

Amber has enjoyed every lesson from Lightning Literature, including Shakespeare. It suits how she thinks and doesn't require a great deal of busy work, while still encouraging her think on the deeper themes. If only there were more options that fit our reading list.

Excellence in Literature:

We originally planned to use this in ninth grade, but were concerned about the amount of work and Amber's energy levels. Now in tenth grade, we've decided to use Excellence in Literature to fill in the gaps left between the other two literature resources. I am excusing Amber from some of the assignments though, because as suspected, it will be too much for her if I expect her to complete any other school lessons.

A few of these resources we have not yet used and are simply planned for the future. While plans may change, they are still part of some of our favorite literature resources.



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  1. These are some great resources! So many, it's hard to choose :) My children have used some from Lightening Literature and are getting ready to start one from Illuminating Literature.