Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Our Favorite Language Arts Resources: Writing

When I began this post about our favorite high school writing resources, I almost named it "Our Favorite IEW Resources." Amber is rather fond of the writing courses from The Institute for Excellence in Writing, and her writing has progressed steadily with use.

There is something about the method IEW uses that speaks to Amber, although we know it is not for everyone. Still, there are other writing resources we use with success that give us a little break from the IEW methods.

Unexpected Homeschool: Our Favorite Language Arts Resources - Writing


Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW):
If we need a language arts curriculum or resource, one of the first places I will look is The Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW).

  • Teaching Writing: Style and Structure (TWSS) - This is a seminar for the parent / teacher to learn the IEW way of teaching writing. It was absolutely fantastic for me. I was a strong writer, but lacked the confidence and knowledge of how to get what was in my brain out to my daughter in a coherent manner.
  • Student Writing Intensive- Level B (SWI-B): This is where Amber started in their courses. It didn't take long for us to realize it was the perfect match for both Amber and me.
  • Student Intensive Continuation Course - Level B (SICC-B): This furthered Ambers skills and allowed her more practice with the models.
  • Student Intensive Continuation Course - Level C (SICC-C): Still more practice and learning a few new skills.
  • High School Essay Intensive: Quite possibly Amber's favorite so far. She adored this video course and worked on it as many hours a day as I would let her. I'm currently running this course at our co-op.
  • The Elegant Essay: We haven't started this quite yet, but I have all of the resources and we're excited to get going on it. I'm offering the course at our co-op next semester with Amber as a student in the class. Amber was scheduled for this next school year, but have decided to go ahead with it a semester early since I have the slot available at co-op.

Creative Writing:

  • One Year Adventure Novel: Although this could be used as part of a regular English credit, Amber choose to make creative writing a separate elective. She likes the variety in this course with the video lessons, reading, and writing. It guides her through the steps of creative writing better than any other product we've tried.

Writing Resources:

Both of these resources have been invaluable to keep Amber's writing on track and to help her be more confident with grammatical conventions.



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