Friday, November 10, 2017

A Tame Week (but I'm still tired) (Wk 15 - 10th)

High school can be tiring, did you know that? I don't necessarily mean the lessons, although they are more intense than younger years. Merely the existence of a high school daughter is tiring at times. Not that she is a difficult teenager. I know full well that she is rather easy to parent compared to what I could be facing.

If you couldn't tell, this week has been tiring. I feel like a broken record every week reporting that we are tired, exhausted and a little sick.  It's not been a difficult week, and as far as weeks go this one was pretty tame with lower stress. However, I've been totally exhausted every single day and Amber has been sickly exhausted most days.

Really, it's my fault. I allowed Amber to volunteer for our church's sausage supper and then agreed to volunteer too. If you know Amber at all, you know she does not shirk her duties at events like the sausage supper, no matter how awful she may feel. Other teens may wander off to talk and do as little work as possible, but she will work her tail off to cover her spot and theirs. I let her sign up because she was volunteering specifically in the take-out area, and not the main dining room. Still, it turned out to be all standing. I guess when I've seen people working in take-out before, it was the aforementioned type of teens who sat around as much as possible.

Being a meteorology lab tester - sling psychrometers this week. That was an adventure. Then one of her many literature sessions.
My position had no sitting either and a lot of work to keep the desserts supplied with a decent variety of what was donated. There was only two of us working, which is probably enough people. Except during the rushes and when take-out runs out of dessert. The position I had really needs 2.5 people. That would work fantastic.

Our original plans for Sunday late afternoon / evening included seeing Thor Ragnarok. I now laugh at myself for thinking that would be possible. Amber sat around in a daze after we were finished at church, and I even took a nap. A nap!!! I don't do that unless I'm super sick. Needless to say, we didn't see Thor, much to Fred's disappointment. Never fear though, we managed to rest up enough on Monday to trek out to see Thor that evening, and even go for dinner after the movie. I guess it technically was a late afternoon movie on Monday... one of those weird times when you aren't sure if you should eat dinner before or after the movie.

As for school this week, we had two full days of school, one half day of school, and two days where she did something but not enough to be a half day. Thank goodness we track school by hours and not half-day increments. I'm still counting it a productive week, mainly because of those two full days.

Today was one of the barely there school days. Amber had physical therapy at an earlier slot than normal and it threw our morning off completely. Since we were going to be out earlier though, we scheduled lunch with my mom after PT. By the end of lunch, Amber was clearly finished for the day. Co-op days on Thursdays take so much out of us both that Friday is often a wash. At least she managed a little bit today and was a trooper through her hour-long PT session.

She's back to driving again, and successfully drove us to lunch one day - through unexpected construction where the road was down to one lane for both directions to share. She even parked perfectly, then got us home safely again.
Tomorrow is the fall formal dance with our homeschool group, and I simply hope Amber does not feel as (Amber) sick as she has felt most of this week. We have two types of sick for Amber: normal people sick, and Amber sick Normal people sicknesses are the contagious illnesses that the average person contracts, like the common cold, flu, strep, stomach bugs, etc. Amber sick is exhaustion, GI problems, migraines, nausea, general malaise, joint pain, and so on, that are all as a result of her multiple conditions. We school through Amber sick as much as possible. I let her off school for normal people sick.

Amber is beginning her descent into her winter medical state. Her body does not handle winter well at all, so she is overall sicker during the winter. It's hitting earlier this year than last year, but hopefully we can keep it at a more functional level than last year. At any rate, she has had trouble eating all week and thus has even less energy. It's a vicious cycle. To make this long story short, she was Amber sick this week.

Let's sum up school for this week

  • Lots of work on her art assignments from co-op drawing class. There have been weekly assignments and a semester project. Amber will happily work on her drawing assignments even when she doesn't have the energy for book work. 
  • Literature - Frankenstein. Again, lots of work on this. Actually, every day except today. She's near the end of the book and completes her novel notebook questions as she goes through the book. I'm not clear on her exact location in the book, since it's not due yet. She will have it finished by the due date next week.
  • Grammar - Three days of lessons, which isn't bad considering.
  • U.S. History - Two days of lessons. 
  • Writing - Two days of IEW lessons. In a normal week, she only has two days of IEW lessons. The other two days she does creative writing and no writing on co-op day. So, in essence she completed a standard week of IEW writing by sacrificing creative writing.
  • All the co-op classes (science, geography, drama, art)
  • Miscellaneous - flute lesson, flute practice, PT, cardio at home, etc.

I was beginning to worry that all of this exhaustion was putting us far behind schedule. In number of  weeks, we are 1/3 of the way through the school year (she goes longer than 36 weeks for her full-time school year). In core hours she is at 34% (yippie), and in total hours she is at 35%!!  We are still on track. I hope. 

Next week, Amber has a bi-annual tooth cleaning and annual orthodontist checkup on the same day, back-to-back in the same office. It's terribly convenient that she sees a husband and wife team of orthodontist and dentist. We're going to make a day of it afterwards, and have lunch with my mom again, then take her to see Murder on the Orient Express. She loves mysteries and Agatha Christie, and we are fond of them too. She so rarely goes out to the movie theaters, and it will be our pleasure to take her to this one.

Other than the one day, we have no plans out of the ordinary. None. School it is, then!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Sorry the volunteering turned out to be so much more exhausting than you'd anticipated!! I know how that goes, and we dont have the kind of medical challenges you face! Good news that your school year is still on track and there are still productive days happening. Thanks for sharing on Homeschool Highlights!

  2. I like you distinction between Amber sick and normal people sick. We use that distinction around here too. It sounds like you got lots of quality stuff done.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. Sorry that the volunteering turned out to be much more exhausting than you'd originally thought. I love seeing Amber progress each week (or as often as I catch your posts). There's definitely a distinction between types of "sick" and it should be noticed more often. Sounds like you had a pretty good week though.