Friday, November 3, 2017

Ending With a Positive (Wk 14 - 10th)

We met our goal this week of everyday being better than last Monday. Hooray for us! School was still a hodgepodge throughout the week of whatever subject sounded good at the moment or I felt could be completed with the brain power going on. Oddly enough, that included two math lessons.

Actually school was comprised of basically:
  • Math
  • Literature - Frankenstein
  • History
  • Government
  • Grammar
  • Co-op (meteorology, geography, drama, art)

We were not supposed to have any extra appointments, except the neuropsychology final discussion today. Do you see where this might be going? Three extra appointments were added into the week as somewhat urgent events. Literally.  I had an urgent care visit Monday late afternoon that resulted in antibiotics and then a return visit to my doctor's office during my co-op break on Thursday for a medication change. Tuesday morning I hastily scheduled a vet visit for Rosetta while the furnace guy was here completing the annual tune-up and cleaning. I barely had time to get ready after he left before Rose needed to be at her appointment.

Rosie had become grumpy - growling, hissing, and swatting at everyone, including her poor brother who just wanted to comfort her. Sedated x-rays showed her hips to be much worse than seen in the previous x-rays. Because of the sedation, they were able to straighten her legs this time and saw that her knees are in just as bad of shape. This includes a previous ligament tear that has torn again, all of which are presumed to be from a strange walk to favor her hips. Her hip joints and knee joints are not made correctly and do not provide proper coverage. She is in a good deal of pain, which makes us infinitely sad. 

A surgical consult has been made for Rosie, but I'm not sure two hip replacements will be the way to go and neither is our vet. She may just have to deal with pain management and anti-inflammatory treatment for the rest of her life. She's only four years old. Right now she is on pain medication twice a day and continues her arthritis medication. The increase in pain is from the torn knee ligament, and she's walking with a more pronounced limp again. We're trying to keep her as calm as possible, but that's terribly difficult with a cat who loves to climb and jump.

Tuesday did turn around for a better day when Amber's friend and her mom came over for dinner and trick-or-treating. The girls had fun going around our neighborhood even though it was freakishly cold. I'm glad Amber has such good friends who also understand that when she forgets to take her heart meds, she will need to sit in the middle of the sidewalk until Mom can manage to walk home and back with her meds. Thank goodness for a small subdivision.

Amber has been a bit puny since Halloween, but that's to be expected with the extra exertion and the anxiety over the pending neuropsych appointment. She enjoyed her day at co-op this week, especially her drama class where they announced the parts for the play! Amber was given the part she wanted, so I'm happy for her. Honestly, I'm not involved in that class at all and my only knowledge of it is what Amber and her friends tell me. Amber manages her homework, even audition rehearsals, on her own. So, if she is awarded the part she wanted, then I'm happy with the part she was given. 

We are actually pleased with how neuropsych worked out. The testing results were all pretty much as expected, with a few details that give us more insight in how to help Amber. I'll be sharing this with some of Amber's other specialists. We also received the all-important testing and educational accommodations recommendations. The neuropsychologist was really quite wonderful and helpful. He took care to address not only Amber's weaknesses as well as her strengths, of which there were numerous. Additionally, he might have done what we could not: convinced Amber to give the ACT a try. Maybe. She's at least willing to do a practice test here at home. 

This weekend we're puttering around the house, attempting to rest up from the week, and serving at our church's sausage supper on Sunday. This year in celebration of several events our church is providing their annual sausage supper free of charge! Normally we serve roughly 500 meals between sit-down and take-out. The goal this year is 1000 meals, all being free.  That also means a good deal more volunteers are needed! We have volunteered before and will be again this year. Pray that Amber and I have the energy to complete our shifts - she is in take-out with a couple of friends and one  mom. Another mom and I are in the dessert area. 

Dare I hope for a spectacularly productive school week coming up? 


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  1. Glad this week was a better one, and had fun and productive moments despite the extra appointments and urgent visits. Praying that next week is a great one!

  2. I am glad you all had a good week. I am sorry about Rosie. It is hard to see a loved one suffer.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. So sorry about your Rosie, but congrats to Amber for getting the role she wanted!