Friday, November 24, 2017

Late November Happenings (Wk16 - 10th)

This weekly wrap-up encompasses both the week of Thanksgiving and the week prior. I did not have a great ending to last week and had no energy for anything extra, including a blog post.

So what has Amber been up to in school these last two weeks? After consulting my handy, dandy Homeschool Tracker, I finally figured out what she's been doing in school. Honestly, I can't hardly remember past yesterday, much less what she did last two weeks.

I did have grand plans for her to work nearly full days Monday through Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Yes, I know. Go ahead and laugh. I also did not realize my husband would be taking off all week from work. It's so hard to work on school when Daddy is home and there are fun family things to be doing. Monday of this week, Amber did complete a few subjects after a late lunch and before we saw Justice League.  We spent the late morning and early afternoon at a surgical consult for our kitty Rosetta. We're still thinking on the information provided. However, that consult meant there really was only about 2-3 hours of viable school time.

Operation Christmas Child drop off, and Rosie at the surgical consult.
Amber completed some meteorology homework on Tuesday and that was basically it. We did other things with Daddy that day along with sleeping late and going out to lunch, to which Amber drove us! She also then drove us to the pharmacy from lunch, but I took over after that because she is not quite ready for the Target parking lot. Wednesday was another lunch out, flute lesson, and preparing for Thanksgiving. Meaning we packed our bags for an overnight stay, since my sister was hosting Thanksgiving. I really had minimal things to do for the holiday.

The previous week Amber managed nearly a normal week of school - as in how school is written on our schedule, not how we often end up. She was off from school on Tuesday that week for dental appointments and movie day out with Mom and Grandma. Amber worked on:

  • A full co-op day
  • Math every scheduled day
  • Greek every scheduled day (but we missed Latin)
  • Grammar and Writing 
  • Government and History
  • Literature - she finished Frankenstein that week.
  • Flute lesson and practices. She's been doing a good job keeping up with her practice time.
  • Yearbook meeting
She did miss creative writing for the week, but worked on extra art homework to further her semester project for the co-op class.

Movie with Grandma, and working on some Christmas gifts with a curious Rosie.
I think that's everything for the two weeks. Of course there were fun times too:
  • Lunch and movie (Murder on the Orient Express) - Amber, my mom, and me. It was a fun afternoon and our first time using the reclining seats. I wasn't a fan of the way the theater was arranged, but the movie was very good.
  • Last minute Yearbook meeting - which is always a good time, since it is comprised of her friends.
  • Youth event at church (middle school and high school together)
  • Lots of meals (lunch and dinner) out (Amber, Fred and me)
  • Movie (Justice League) - Amber, Fred and me. It was much better than Dawn of Justice, but not quite as good as Wonder Woman. I could actually tolerate to see this one again, in the theater. We probably won't, but I would be willing to do it.
  • Thanksgiving day with family - especially Amber's younger cousins. All the kids are getting older, but they still love to play together. Amber is significantly older than both of her cousins, but she still looks forward to seeing them and they look forward to their Cousin Amber time.

This weekend we are probably purchasing a new recliner, since our old one appears to be in a decline. We should have just replaced it 2 years ago when we replaced the other family room furniture, however Fred said it was "still good." Who am I to argue when it's predominantly his chair? Well, now it's not quite so good and needs to be replaced.

The cousins
We will also put up our Christmas decorations this weekend, as is our tradition. Amber is all about tradition. If you do it once and it creates a happy memory for her, it becomes tradition. Christmas decorations are some of her happiest memories, and she can tell you what day we've put up Christmas decorations for the majority of her life. Usually, the Friday-Sunday after Thanksgiving. It was a huge change for her when I started resting the day after Thanksgiving and not doing much in the way of decorating until Saturday. She has adjusted after 5 or 6 years, but still must wear the first of her Christmas shirts on the Friday after Thanksgiving. As long as I don't have to decorate on Friday, she can wear whatever Christmas clothing she wants.

I'm also going to try and recover from whatever I ate on Thanksgiving that did not agree with my innards. I think it was a simple cheese dip as part of an afternoon appetizer. My sister always, always has such lovely appetizers and a fantastic dinner. Although our family is small, she does not skimp on anything. Well, I probably should have passed on the cheese dip with my chips - it tasted a little spicy, but not too bad. I keep forgetting that Jalapenos and I do not get along at all. It's not just a taste issue anymore, but more along the lines of a full IBS episode. And considering I was in a small (I hope) Sjogren's flare already, it probably was not too wise of me to eat the dip. Lesson learned, I hope.

I hope everyone else had a great Thanksgiving and is preparing for the coming Advent and Christmas season.

Wii Bowling - the little guy beat Amber! Then again, bowling is his thing.


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  1. it really is hard to do school when dad is home - we've always found that too. Glad to see you had lots of fun, and lots of productive school days over the last little while. How sweet that Amber gets such joy out of the traditions, especially Christmas decorating. :-)

  2. We struggle to get school done when dad is home too. You all have had lots of fun. We are decorating for Christmas this weekend too.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. I find it so hard to focus on schoolwork when my husband is home; I don't know if it's the change in routine or the change in expectation but I find that any unexpected day he has off becomes an unexpected day off for us too.