Saturday, December 16, 2017

Time for a Break (Week 17 - 10th)

Life is funny sometimes and no matter how prepared or what our plans might be, things change. I had great school plans for our last two weeks of the semester. Amber was going to finish the semester with a bang(!) on December 14th and then we'd take a few weeks off before starting the next semester fresh.

You just have to laugh at how I assume life will keep going normally every day. Amber started feeling a little off on December 2nd, but soldiered on without saying much because it was my mom's birthday and we had plans. She was sniffly the morning of the 3rd, but went to church since it was just a sniffle. However, by Sunday evening she felt and looked awful. She spent Monday the 4th and Tuesday the 5th resting, watching TV, and working on her family Christmas present projects (which I'm not giving away here).

Back to flute after being too sick to play
It was merely a cold, while still being so much more. A couple of days into the cold and we noticed she was in a full-on dysautonomia flare too. Amber can't take any of the standard cold medication or home remedies. We did the best we could for her, yet she still coughed and coughed, and sneezed, and generally did what you do with a horrid cold. Wednesday, I took her to the pediatrician to ensure this was still only a cold, and thankfully it was. However, she was prescribed a mild antibiotic to prevent it from turning into something worse, because that's where it was heading. My mom instincts were right.

The only school Amber completed that entire week was the last day of our co-op for the semester, which, unbeknownst to us, turned out to be our last day of that particular co-op. The group had some internal issues that became too much, and now we've joined a newly formed group. The stress of the co-op day did not help Amber's health, and she was back to resting on Friday. On the plus side, we've re-watched two complete seasons of Andromeda - and these aren't the puny 12 episode seasons you get now days. Amber also finished all of her primary work on the Christmas present projects, and only assembly of one is remaining.

This past week has been a bit more successful with school lessons, but it was hard to start topics when we knew a three week break was coming up. For example, Amber was ready for her next literature assignment, however trying to complete a Shakespeare play in one week is not a good plan and taking a three week break in the middle is also not a recipe for success. So, we skipped out on literature this week.

Party games at the joint 16th birthday party - the two birthday girls!
Unexpectedly, my EMG with nerve conduction and my small fiber biopsy were scheduled for this past Monday. I was at the neurologist's all afternoon, and Amber was with my mom. Of course, I could have sent a full day of school work with Amber and the two of them would have ensured it was completed. On the other hand, it's no fun to go to Grandma's with school work. Instead, I opted to let them have the time together without school assignments.

Tuesday through Thursday this week ended up being relatively productive, school-wise, even though Amber was then and still is in a dysautonomia flare. The smallest things can undo all the effort she puts forward to stabilize her autonomic nervous system. This week we ran a few errands, went to flute lesson, and worked on whatever lessons would not be affected by taking a three week break after Thursday. All the while knowing Friday was going to be a big day for Amber - her joint 16th birthday party with one of her best friends.

Amber won't be 16 for a few more weeks and her friend turned 16 before Thanksgiving, however we planned a joint birthday party for the girls since they have most of the same friends and it would be so much easier this way.  The party was a absolute success - complete with party bus transportation, escape room fun, dinner, cupcakes and ice cream, and games back at the older birthday girl's house. It was a very long afternoon and evening for Amber and me. Today we are chilling out to recover in time for more Christmas preparation fun next week.

Waiting for the party bus to get thing thing going!!
I finally feel like I can breathe and relax. School is over for a few weeks, almost all of the Christmas shopping is finished. The homeschool co-op / group situation is sorted and we are invigorated with the new choice. It's turning out to be a better December than I could have hoped.

Happy mid-December!

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  1. Aw, happy early birthday to Amber! I love the snowman wrapping; looks like they were having a lot of fun.

  2. Happy early birthday to Amber!! Sorry to hear she had some health issues and that your co-op had problems. Hope you enjoy a relaxed Christmas break.

  3. Happy early birthday to Amber. I am glad you are able to relax for awhile and enjoy the season.
    Blessings, Dawn