Sunday, December 3, 2017

Two More Weeks (Week 17 - 10th)

In the most recent school years, I've given Amber the majority of December as her Christmas break from school. It made sense with our commitments, and family visits. However, this year Fred's parents won't be visiting until after Christmas and our schedule is eerily open for the first two weeks of December. It's a little scary, actually. Maybe I've forgotten very important appointments or events?

Until such time as I figure out what belonged on those days, we are having full school days the first two weeks of December!! Amber isn't thrilled, but it might keep her from summer school too. Besides, what else is she going to do if we don't have any events planned?

We went to Denny's specifically for Amber's traditional Rudolph pancakes. It's now Frosty the Snowman.
This coming week is our last class day of the semester at our homeschool co-op. There is already much rejoicing on my end, while Amber is lamenting her poor, sad existence. It's not that I don't like teaching at the co-op, or seeing my child happy with her friends. I am simply tired and worn out. I want to give my classes the effort they are due, but at this time of year when I'm physically wearing down and have so much holiday stuff to be doing, I cannot give to my classes what I should. Thus, I am thankful we have only one class period left.

Last week we only had school three days out of five. Monday was our November "Amber and Mom Day." We spent it picking up Amber's new retainers - she only wears them at night, but her mouth had grown since she was 12. Then we ran errands, mostly Christmas related errands which made it fun instead of a normal day. Friday we had hair cuts for us both, errands again (normal ones), and then needed to get ready for our church's Advent by Candlelight. Thankfully the other three days were full school days.

Before Advent by Candlelight, then dinner for my mom's birthday the next night. Yes... it's two different trees and houses. Yes, we have the same tree topper. My mom crocheted them for us all years ago.
Amber spent quite a good deal of time on Tuesday working with consumer math. It was her first introduction to payroll tax deductions. She really isn't fond of how taxes are calculated and finds it all rather ludicrous. Join the club, child. At any rate, by the time she was finished she looked a little unkempt, with wild hair and dazed look. Math that day even drained her ability to work with Greek. She was utterly exhausted after payroll deductions. 

The rest of the school time this week was either her co-op classes, languages (including English), and history / government. We definitely love having Amber's science at co-op this year. It has freed up so much time at home for her languages and writing. I'll have to keep teaching more of Amber's courses at co-op where she can still have the social aspect while getting in the subjects I need her to take. Yippie.

Building this year's LEGO Winter Village set - it's the train station for last year's train.
That's about it from here for now. It's been a crazy busy weekend, and I'm ready for our two weeks of relaxation - even if it's because I might have forgotten something on the calendar. 

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  1. I always feel as though I've forgotten something when my calendar looks a little on the empty side! We have just two weeks left of co-op before our Christmas break, and we'll be glad of the break even while missing the classes themselves, so I can relate. Glad to see that all is going well for you!