Friday, January 5, 2018

Lazy Winter Break Days

We're still on Christmas vacation until Monday and thus I have no scholarly updates to make this week. However, we've been keeping plenty busy with fun activities and rest during our break.

Amber has been reading up a storm with the new books she received for Christmas (and early birthday).  I think they have all been read, but she now is going to start on the Tolkien Lost Tales after finishing the Silmarillion. However, she's really been busy playing the PS4 since Monday. On Sunday, New Year's Eve, I managed to get her big Christmas present set up. We gave Amber her very own PS4 Slim for her spare / media / Sanctum room. Now she can play games and it doesn't affect our TV / movie watching on the main TV.

The Princess Bride and one of the Sarah J. Maas books.
In honor of her new PS4, we also let her get a Playstation Network account and she started playing Horizon Zero Dawn again from the beginning on her own PSN account. Not like she needed a reason to replay the game, considering she had already run through it five times on New Game+, however this time she started from scratch without all of her cool weapons from finishing the game. She is definitely enjoying her Christmas present. Too bad on Monday she goes back to school, which means more limited playing time.

Amber also kept up on her flute practice and lessons, but this week it felt odd switching her flute day to accommodate the new homeschool co-op. Along with the new year holiday, the changed flute lesson day really threw off how we viewed the week.

Baking snickerdoodles at home and the annual Christmas baking at Grandma's. Amber made my favorite toffee cookies all by herself.
Today we did take a field trip to the St. Louis Science Center for the King Tut exhibit. We've been meaning to go since August, but something always came up. Then I realized earlier this week the exhibit ends on Sunday, the 7th. Oops. Today was the only day we could possibly make it, so we picked up my mom and took a field trip. Grandma has been going on many of our homeschool field trips since we started homeschooling. Not all of them, but enough that Amber thinks it's odd to take one without Grandma.

The exhibit was very enjoyable, but I didn't take a single picture. Unlike some of the other exhibits we have seen, this one required an audio device for every attendee in order to fully participate. There were three sections: the first had optional audio portions, the second was a video portion that required the audio, and the third was audio guided to a point. It was an odd combination. Honestly, I prefer to go at my own speed and not have to proceed through the sections like that. Still it was a good exhibit and very interesting.

Fred's new custom La-Z-boy recliner arrived this week. Yes, it looks shockingly like the old one. He really doesn't like change. (Amber got to sit in the chair before Daddy, who was at work).
This weekend we are taking down Christmas decorations, relaxing, and attempting to avoid the possible ice storm coming in Sunday. Amber's 16th birthday is a week from today! I'm making plans for her birthday (shhh! it's a surprise activity), while also making plans in case the weather turns nasty and we have to stay home. Her birthday is always a bit of a gamble, weather-wise. She's already had her party, this is just fun with Mom and Dad (and maybe Grandma) on her actual birthday. I'll see how it works out.

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  1. Great week! I am glad you made it to the exhibit. We enjoyed it when it came through here.

  2. Looks like a great week! We saw the King Tut exhibit quite a few years ago and really enjoyed it, but I don't think we were allowed to take pictures. Happy New Year, and thanks for linking up!