Friday, January 26, 2018

Restful Days (Week 19, 10th Grade)

We've had an unusual week where I've spent half my time herding and medicating cats, or so it has felt. Milori has mostly recovered from his serotonin syndrome and is almost weaned from the Prozac too. He did develop an upper respiratory infection on Sunday after all the stress of the previous week. He's recovering from that now, and we hope this weekend can be allowed to socialize with his sister again. Since the upper respiratory infection is contagious, we've had to isolate him from the other cats. Although we spend a good deal of time with him, he still misses his sister.

The stress of a sick Milori has affected us all too; Amber and I have been overly tired this week. Most of our lessons this week have been the alternate types of lessons that I save for sick days or exhausted days. That means the majority of the lessons were history related, since those are the easiest for us to find video resources. Thankfully, we are reviewing Drive Thru History Adventures and now have more video lessons to work through.

I took almost no pictures this week. Amber drove us to Red Robin for lunch one day. She's getting much better at driving.
Amber has also worked on knitting projects while resting and while watching some of our history videos. While taking inventory of the yarn stashed about the house for my projects, I noticed we have quite a few individual skeins of yarn. Quite a few. Remembering that our church has a yearly warming tree in November and early December, Amber has decided to make hats and scarves to donate this year. It is the perfect way to use up these individual skeins and to give her a service project to occupy her resting time.

I had a good checkup with my rheumatologist this week and have definitely reached therapeutic levels of the Plaquenil. Although I would love it if the Plaquenil did a great deal more for me, I am aware of how much better I feel from this time last year. I will learn, eventually, to accept that I'm not going to have the energy I once had. I've still got two more medical appointments next week and then, hopefully, I'm finished for a few months. 

Amber had a fantastic PT and OT session today. Her PT hasn't seen her looking this good in quite a while. Her OT reported that she is improving with her executive function skills. All around good reports from Amber's specialists too. 

No pictures of the almost recovered Milori. Instead I took a picture of Biscotti leisurely stretching.
We are still greatly enjoying our new homeschool co-op and Amber absolutely loves the art class. I am more than pleased that she finally has met the art teacher that speaks her language. Amber adores art, but never quite was able to grasp how to draw and most of her teachers did not give drawing instructions, instead assuming the students knew basic drawing techniques. 

My writer child especially loved this past week's lesson in the essay class I teach. We were working on thesis statements and Amber could not stop talking after class about how much she loved writing them. I do believe the rest of the class thinks she is a bit wonky. 

We're hoping for a more productive book work week next week, yet I am not displeased with the progress Amber made this week. I have a couple of appointments next week, but Amber will not need to attend with me and can work at home during them. Hopefully all our kitties stay healthy and we can focus on school.

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  1. Sounds like a rather good week, despite the tiredness and sickness. Love the idea of using up the yarn to make mittens and have it count as a service project. Glad she's enjoying the art class and writing thesis statements so much! I bet my daughter would write thesis statements all day rather than write the actual essay. ;-)

  2. I think it sounds like a great week. Alternative schooling is the life blood of our little homeschool. The service project sounds fantastic.
    Blessings, Dawn