Friday, January 19, 2018

Resuming for Second Semester (Week 18 - 10th)

It's back to the full time lessons! Actually, we were back last week, but it was too crazy for me to get a weekly wrap-up post written. To be honest, last week was one of the most productive school weeks we've had in a long time. We were both awake on time, started school before lunch, and finished everything scheduled. It was impressive.

We've tried this week. Truly. It hasn't been bad, while it also hasn't been spectacular. Life stacked the cards against us this week anyway. So, I'm feeling rather proud of us to get as much done as we did.

Sunday before it all went wrong. Milori was coherent for a short while to watch Amber play her new video game.

The Details:

Starting with last week, excepting Friday, Amber followed our planned school schedule perfectly. All lessons on the appropriate days. Well, I guess that's not true. We had not yet started back up for co-op, so I put our Friday schedule onto the co-op day. Otherwise, it was a perfectly completed week. 

Amber's 16th birthday was last Friday and Daddy even took off from work. We had a fun family time, since Amber's party was back in December. The day was terribly cold and we had gotten a little snow/ice the night before. The three of us met my mom for lunch on our way to one of the remaining local malls. I had devised a treasure hunt for Amber by giving her written clues and gift cards. She had to guess the location from the clue before we could go to that store for her present. Amber absolutely loves these types of activities. And it was a fun day all around. 

LEGO store and birthday cake with Galadriel's circlet she receive as a present.
We took Monday of this week off since Daddy was home for MLK. We also took Thursday off except for flute lesson, because by the time it came around everyone was exhausted to the point of illness. Tuesday we were gone for roughly third of the day for my neurology checkup. Amber did take half of her assigned school work along and completed everything she took, then continued to work at home until we were called to pick up Milori.

This week our brand-new co-op had its first day of classes!! I'm not sure why, but it felt brand new too. It probably shouldn't since we meet in the same location as our old co-op, and we have many of the same people. However, procedures were different - more streamlined, and the atmosphere was just more peaceful. Amber enjoyed her classes immensely and very much appreciated the smaller sized co-op. I enjoyed the classes I lead and was happy to meet a few new students who had not been members of our old co-op. Despite all the fun, we were utterly wiped at the end of the day.

16 years old! And her traditional birthday celebration at Texas Roadhouse.
However, the over-arching theme of this week has been Milori, one of our cats. I became distracted last week with preparations for and then Amber's actual birthday. It did not dawn on me that Milori was acting a bit strange. It really wasn't until Saturday afternoon that I decided he was maybe not using the litter box as he should. Sunday I was positive he was not using it at all and he had become lethargic. Monday morning at 8:00 am I was rushing him to our vet to confirm and treat his blocked bladder. He spent the whole of Monday with them including overnight and most of Tuesday. We brought him home and followed the medications prescribed, however he had an unusual reaction to an appetite stimulant. It's like the poor cat was on speed, or something. He couldn't stop moving long enough to even eat a single kibble.

Milori: Tuesday evening when we brought him home he was so drugged up he fell asleep on the water bowl. A few hours later he went crazy after the appetite stimulant. The other pictures are from Thursday evening. Every pic I have he is blurred because he can't be still.
By Wednesday mid-afternoon Milori still was not using a litter box, which meant I ran him back to the vet as soon as I was finished teaching at our new co-op. Thankfully, he was not blocked again, yet he was still unwilling to attempt litter box usage. The vet added an anti-nausea drug to see if it would help him eat, since he was not eating or drinking either. That did the trick for the eating and drinking, along with the advice to try tuna water and even the tuna itself. Milori can't get enough of the tuna.

Unfortunately, he was still acting crazy and weird by this morning. He continues to twitch while awake and during the five minutes he sleeps at a time. It looked like serotonin syndrome, and although rare the appetite stimulant can cause it and the other medications exacerbate it. At 8:00 am this morning I had him back at the vet, and he's being treated for serotonin syndrome since they saw the symptoms too, especially the twitching. He should have been well past any side effects of the appetite stimulant. He also won't even attempt to empty his bladder. We're still waiting to hear how he is doing, on the antidote for serotonin syndrome, but I was at the vet until about 11:30 this morning and I know he is in good hands.

Update: I've picked Milori up from the vet (Friday evening), and it has been all figured out. It was his Prozac that was started on Dec. 29th. He is one of the rare ones that can't tolerate it and it caused urinary retention. Then, with the other meds he did end up with serotonin syndrome. He is hypersensitive to the entire class of medication and can't have any of them. He's on the antidote and we're weaning him from the Prozac, because even though he's been on it for only 3 weeks he still needs to wean to prevent further problems. Whew. He was / is one sick kitty with a strange body chemistry.

I'm still learning to relax. I am doing two Crochet-A-Longs(CALs). The Moogly CAL (left) just released the first block of the year yesterday. The Elements CAL (right) started in November and I'm catching up. I'm still on the second week and the seventh week is out. I'll get there if I ever sleep enough to make sense of the pattern.
Since I slept a grand total of three hours last night due to worrying about Milori and then getting up early to get him to the vet, Amber is only doing school lessons today that are independent of me. I'm fairly worthless in this state. She is also, understandably, very concerned about her beloved Milori. He's her little guy and this week has been very hard on her.

Lessons Completed:

  • History - 6 lessons + 3 hours watched today of Victoria and Albert
  • U.S. Government - 5 lessons
  • Grammar - 12 lessons
  • Writing (IEW & Creative writing) - 9 sessions (including her essay class at co-op)
  • Literature - One lesson, with an assignment given to complete the reading of the play. Due next week. She's been working on that reading in her free time.
  • Greek - 5 lessons
  • German - 3 sessions, 5 lessons.
  • Consumer Math - 2 lessons (yes... we skipped the days she should have had math this week)
  • Astronomy - 1 lesson day at co-op, homework to be completed still.
  • Art & Drama - 3 hours of classes at co-op
If you didn't notice, Amber had 10+ inches cut off last week. She had it layered, so it varies between 10 and 13 inches off of her previous length.
Hopefully we see improvement in Milori over the weekend, assuming he comes home tonight (he did). Amber and I need to work on homework and lesson prep for next week's co-op classes, and we all need to sleep. We are all very short on sleep because of Milori.

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  1. I hope your cat is feeling much much better soon. It's so hard when they're sick and can't communicate what is wrong. It sounds like you had a very productive week despite all the cat issues.

  2. Poor kitty! I hope he's better soon - they really become part of the family and somebody for Mama to worry over!

    It sounds like you still got a lot accomplished!

  3. Happy Sweet 16!! Her birthday celebration sounds like a great deal of fun. So sorry for the kitty having so many issues this week. Hoping it's all better now (or at least soon.)

  4. Wow! I hope you cat is okay! You all got so much done even with all that chaos!
    Blessings, Dawn

  5. Belated birthday wishes for your sweet sixteen-year-old!!