Friday, February 23, 2018

Just a Week (Week 23 - 10th)

Unexpectedly, this week was a bit shorter than I had mentally planned. Monday was Presidents' Day or Washington's Birthday or whatever that day is called now. In the normal scheme of things, I would not have really noticed except for the lack of mail, and maybe not even then since we did not get mail every day. However, this year Fred's company added that day to their paid days off, which means Daddy had a three day weekend. Yay for Daddy... oh, right, no school for Amber either, because it's so hard to school with Daddy home.

Late last week I did realize that this past Monday was going to be a day off, but still I did not adjust my mental school plans until Sunday evening when there wasn't actually going to be school on Monday. Sometimes my brain is slow.

We also did not have co-op this week. I loved having the break, but with the day off on Monday the whole week felt weird and disjointed.

Biscotti silliness

Lesson count for the week: (drumroll...)

  • Flute: lots of practice and her normal weekly lesson. She has some performances coming in the spring that she is practicing, sorta. One is super easy and she was told to not practice it yet, since she would be over-practiced. We'll see how that one goes; it's for church and she's never played with the group. They have a group rehearsal session in early March, but don't perform until early April. Hrm, now that I think about it, she needs to start practicing for the rehearsal.
  • History: she finished off the Drive Thru History Ancient curriculum - these take her about 2 hours to complete the entire lesson. Four lessons. ( Look for a review coming next week.)
  • Government: three lessons
  • Creative Writing: two lessons (These also are longer lessons now and take a good two hours at least)
  • Literature: Reading Jane Eyre
  • Greek: three lessons
  • German: three lessons and a test.
  • Physical Therapy: it had been a month since her last session, and she really needed this. She becoming a bit unstable again in the hips and knees. Bummer.

When I write it out, doesn't look like much on paper, yet she spent a ton of time working on history and creative writing. She also has been helping me around the house quite a bit, since my spine is in an unhappy state again. Bending or lifting anything heavier than a feather hurts... which includes lifting the 20-pound needy cat (Biscotti). I might have to deal with this at some point soon.

The only school related picture this week. Drive Thru History - Ancient

Relaxation Projects:

So the projects are relaxing and keeping me busy without spending time thinking too much. Except for planning the dang projects.

I caught up to the Elements CAL group, well, in a way. The last week was to finish the rounds on the main square, and then begin smaller squares that will go around the main square. After seeing many, many pictures of the blanket with the small squares attached, I decided that I didn't like it. Not at all.

It's been a big debate in the CAL (crochet-a-long) group: should you finish the CAL as written even if you don't like it, in order to honor the pattern writer, or adjust it to how you like. In actuality when I decided to do this CAL, the samples the author provided of the colorway I chose did not include the squares. Yes, one of the other colorways did show the squares, but it was a lot of white and I was a bit baffled by the surrounding squares, honestly.

Long story to say, I'm not doing the squares and I'm waiting for the group to get to their final edging. I'll adjust it for my shorter sides and just edge it to match. Hopefully. The main portion is already 42" square, so I'll just work on edging to get it to a size I like. Although, right now it is very wet and blocking on my dining room table. That is assuming Biscotti will stay off of it, so that it will block in the shape I want.

My blocked Elements CAL through week 10. Sorta blocked - Biscotti keeps sitting on it even though it is very WET. Then I have to straighten it all back out.
Now, I'm deciding on my next project. I think I'm going to do some test squares of the Charlotte square in different yarns. The goal is to make a Charlotte's Dream blanket or bed spread, but I don't have a good handle on the colors I want. I do have enough yarn in four different colorways (of four colors each) to try out. I also want to do the Atlanticus, Lilliana, and Mandella Madness CALs, but I'm having trouble deciding the colors. I might have Atlanticus figured out... maybe.

This weekend Amber is a busy little girl. Saturday afternoon and evening she is helping out at a charity princess dance. No, she is not a princess, but several friends & acquaintances will be princesses. Her best friend's mom is in charge of the princesses and Amber is the mom's assistant to keep everyone going where they should be. Then, she has high school youth group (not Sunday school) on Sunday evening.  Oh.. and co-op homework that she didn't do last weekend, because she had so much extra time. She'll learn eventually.

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  1. I love your project. You have a great talent there. Biscotti looks so happy in Amber's arms.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I'm kind of glad to realize I'm not the only one that knows where this a day off coming up but fails/forgets to plan accordingly!