Saturday, February 10, 2018

Teacher Sick Week - Part 2 (Week 21 - 10th)

I've felt more like a human this week than last, but it's still been a struggle. I can't remember when a cold was this awful in the recent past. I'm so grateful for a fairly independent teenager with a driving permit and honest wish to be helpful.

Unfortunately it looks like Amber is coming down with a cold now too and I just hope it is not the same thing I have. She spent most of the week trying to do for me so that I could rest as much as possible. Even little things have been completely wearing me out to where I am too tired to walk across the room. I'm sure it's because I teeter on the edge of exhaustion all the time with this autoimmune disease. One little change and I'm almost unable to function.

Together, Amber and I managed a grocery trip on Monday for a very few things. Tuesday I had a hair appointment scheduled, during which Amber normally would have stayed home to work on her lessons. However this time Amber offered to come with me with her current literature book in hand. She sat in the waiting area for almost an hour just reading Jane Eyre. Her reason? I might be too tired to drive and she wanted me to be safe, since she can drive she gave up her own time to sit and wait for me. The whole week was full of moments like this.

History on my iPad in my room while I rested in my favorite recliner.
I really didn't have the energy this week for any of the lessons that require me to actively teach. I spent all of my teaching energy at our homeschool co-op, but Amber made the best of it with other lessons. More than ever I appreciated the review we are currently doing of Drive Thru History Adventures that allowed me to listen to what Amber was learning, but not have to participate in the lesson. Whew.

Looking back in Homeschool Tracker, it doesn't seem like Amber did that much this week. Yet I know her days were full. I probably should check with Amber as well as grade the papers in our turn-in basket. It's more likely that I simply am missing much of what she did, instead of her accomplishing so little.

We also started another review this week from NatureGlo's eScience on MathArt. Normally, this is would not have struck me as something that might interest Amber. Although Amber loves art and history, the math portion would have been a no-go for her. Unexpectedly, since the idea to try an independent study for her final math credit came up, Amber has been less anxious about math. Yes, she still needs to complete consumer math, and yes, she's only halfway finished with it.

Solar system model project at co-op
Still, we thought this might be a good way to check out the feasibility of the independent study. It wasn't exactly what I had in mind for the study, but it is a good way to test out the idea before we are knee deep in an independent study that doesn't work for her.  I'm tracking her time and details of what she learns. She is working hard to document what she learns too. At least she isn't having panic attacks with this type of math.

For the week, I have down that Amber worked on:

  • Drive Thru History - Ancient. Completed 4 lessons, with video, questions, and additional reading sources.
  • Marine Biology - 2 modules of reading and questions. (She was never doing the labs, because it's icky biology. Instead she's taking a reduced credit to do just the reading and questions.)
  • MathArt - One complete lesson on Babylonian math & the Plimpton 322 tablet / trig table. This included studying how the Babylonians used base 60 math, how to write out base 60 math in cuneiform, and why their trig table is more accurate than our base 10 math.
  • Literature - Reading Jane Eyre. Her comment after the first hour of reading: This girl leads a very sad life. 
  • Co-op classes: Astronomy, Elegant Essay, Drama, and Nature Drawing.
  • Co-op class homework: Includes writing for Elegant Essay. (We paused her at-home IEW writing, because I'm teaching the Elegant Essay course at co-op specifically for Amber and she still spends about the same amount of time on writing.)
See how this looks rather less than a full week of school? I know for a fact she had to have done more than this. While each Drive Thru History lesson takes nearly two hours with watching the video and doing all of the extras assignments, it still doesn't account for her whole days. 

More history.  I didn't take many pictures this week.
Next week we have no extras, except a maple sugaring field trip that we hope to be well enough to attend. We missed out on the Civil War Museum field trip last Monday because I was still so sick. We had been looking forward to this particular field trip for months. We were even going to stop by and visit my dad's grave after the guided tour at the museum, since he is buried at that particular national cemetery. We decided to do it on our own some time soon. It was the right choice, since it would have been a minimum of a 45 minute drive one way. I barely managed to 8 minute drive to the grocery store. Still, we were disappointed. 

Here's to hoping we can all be well soon!

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  1. The life lessons are just as important as the academic ones. Amber was a great to help out so much.
    Blessings, Dawn