Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Sick Teacher Edition (Week 20 - 10th)

The title says it all this week. The sickness probably started Sunday or Monday and I'm still sick, except now it is a stay in the house, no makeup or hair style type of sick. If you know me at all, those are rare things indeed. I don't leave the bathroom after my first thing in the morning shower without my makeup. And my hair is styled shortly thereafter.

With the Sjogren's, I have a lot of dry mouth issues and often have a mildly sore throat for no apparent reason. So, when I had a mildly sore throat Sunday / Monday, I gave it no thought. Tuesday it was relieved some, and Wednesday I felt pretty good and even spent all day at co-op where I talk a lot in my classes. I honestly felt really well on Wednesday. But Wednesday evening my voice suddenly was gone. Just poof. Gone. I could hiss air and that was it. Thursday I woke up in the same shape as as I went to bed. However, I went downhill all day long. By bedtime on Thursday, I was a carrying a box of tissues with me everywhere.

My guard kitty - When leaving for work on Friday, Fred told Biscotti to take care of me. So he slept with a leg on my leg to keep me from getting up. This cat has an uncanny sense of when a person is sick or needs to rest. When I tried to get up, he would use a front paw to push at me and meow loudly.

On Friday, Amber had a fun 16th year photo shoot with her best friend's sister (and her best friend came along too). We are so lucky to know such a talented photographer. We went to the St. Louis City Central Library for the photo shoot to use the spectacular architecture. I might have postponed it, but shooting there required a permit and Amber actually felt great while I'm the sickly, sniffly one. Friday turned out to be too much exertion for me, and I was so exhausted by bed time. The sneezing, nose blowing, and coughing took a toll on my body. I didn't sleep hardly at all Friday night because I coughed every time I tilted my head a tiny bit. I can't take most cold medication because of other medical conditions or allergies.

Around 9 am this morning I realized we still had the plain Muscinex we bought when Amber had a cold pretty much like this one. As soon as it started working I was able to sleep and I was out like a light until Noon. My family still went for our regular Saturday lunch at Texas Roadhouse, but I'm at home resting with no makeup and wet hair that might find its way into a pony tail later. The Muscinex must still be doing something though, because I haven't used a tissue in a good half an hour and I only coughed a couple of times.

I'm not positive it is still just a cold, but I have not run a fever at all during the whole week so I'm not thinking it is influenza either. It might have moved to bronchitis, or might just be a rather annoying cold. At any rate, I'm taking it easy today and tomorrow and hoping to make the field trip with our homeschool group on Monday.

Fred brought this home for Amber earlier this week. He had a friend at work 3-D print it. Any guesses what it is? Amber knew within half of a second. "It's the Andromeda Ascendant in battle mode." She was very happy with her surprise.
So what did we accomplish for school this week? Well, quite a bit actually. Monday I had one of the last of my January medical appointments, but Fred worked from home for 2/3 of the day. Amber was able to accomplish almost everything I had scheduled in Homeschool Tracker. Although I had failed to leave them lunch food, so Fred took her out to lunch and that needed more time than I had allotted mentally for lunch. The last of my January appointments was on Tuesday, but it was a short appointment and five minutes away, so Amber stayed home and worked while I was gone. Then we worked on languages and other topics together.

By Thursday I was even more grateful than normal that we are on the review for the Drive Thru History Adventures. Amber was able to watch two of the Ancient History videos, do all of the questions, and read all of the supplemental material for both videos. Plus she worked on a few other shorter subjects before her flute lesson. Friday was the photo shoot and I was done for when we got home. Instead of regular school subjects, we continued watching a Civil War miniseries that we've been watching in the evenings.

The miniseries is actually three different ones based on the John Jakes books North & South, Love & War, and Heaven & Hell. I watched them when they were originally on broadcast TV and loved them. It was an obsession with me back then. I own all the books and read them as soon as I saw the first miniseries. I was only in junior high (13 years old) when I watched the first miniseries and read the books, yet for some reason I was hesitant to let Amber watch them even now when she is 16 years old. At any rate, I ordered them off of Amazon a while ago, because I wanted them for myself. However, I held off on watching them until Amber was studying the Civil War to see if we could incorporate it into her studies, even if we are not exactly considering it school.

Working on Hebrew in my room while we socialized the sibling cats. Milori has fully recovered, but Rosie still isn't sure about him. Milori has no problem with Rosie, so we have been socializing the siblings during supervised session until Rose behaves better.
School totals for the week:
  • Literature - 2 lessons, with assignment to read her next novel - Jane Eyre
  • Government - 1 lesson
  • U.S. History - 5 lessons (not including the time watching North & South)
  • Grammar - 4 lessons
  • Marine Biology - 1 chapter read with questions completed
  • Ancient History - 2 lessons
  • Creative Writing - 1 lesson
  • Co-op classes - Astronomy, Elegant Essay, Art, and Drama
  • Greek - 2 lessons
  • Hebrew - 1 lesson 
  • Co-op homework & yearbook homework
  • Plus 8 two-hour episodes of North & South - Book 1 & 2 (not finished) - which are sorta school related.
Several subjects are missing, I know. I wasn't home to work with her on Monday for most of the day, and was too sick Thursday and Friday. Math requires that I sit close by, even if I do not say a word, to help with her anxiety. German requires that I am home and can speak.

Amber has been going over an introduction to Hebrew book lately to decide if she would like to study Hebrew next year in addition to her other languages. We are ever so grateful for review items that allow us this ability to try out new subjects. Until this week I didn't count it as school hours, since I wasn't entirely sure how much work Amber has been doing with it in her free time. It turns out I need to back enter some time, because she's been diligently working through the book.

I'm catching up on the Elements CAL. This is blocking after finishing week 5. I'm actually already finished with week 6 but I usually only take pictures during blocking. Week 9 instructions came out on Wednesday, so I still need to hurry along. I also finished but didn't take pictures of two squares in the Moogly CAL - I'm making two blankets from the 2018 Moogly CAL, which means I do a square in each of my colorways every two weeks.

That's about it for this week. I'm off for another nap now, try to finish another week in the Elements CAL, and maybe plan some of my co-op lessons tomorrow. I don't think my brain is working well enough for co-op planning today.

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  1. Aw, I hope you feel much better real soon. I think it's just great that Amber could get so much work done on her own or with just little help.

  2. How wonderful that Amber works so well on her own. I do hope you get better soon. I do hear there is an absolutely awful cold going around in addition to the flu. I do hope you only have the cold.
    BLessings, Dawn

  3. So sorry you weren't feeling well this week, but great that Amber was able to churn out a very productive week anyway. Get feeling better soon!