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Contemplating 11th Grade (Week 25 - 10th)

High school can be fairly boring on the summary side each week. We did the usual subjects and there aren't any cute projects to show, because the sixteen year old isn't feeling the cute projects anymore. In light of this, there will be just a quick run-down this week and some ideas I'm kicking around for 11th grade. Yes, my mind begins to plan mentally for the next school year around this time.

Monday we had no school at all since it was the March "Amber and Mom Day." Specifically, we went prom dress shopping and Amber found her dress. I've got a sneak peak picture too - okay, I took maybe five pictures this week and the prom dress was three of them. Thus, you get a sneak peak.

The remainder of the week was fairly standard with co-op, flute lesson, and it was Amber's week for PT / OT. As much as she needs PT and OT, it really cuts into our lesson time at home. Thankfully, she has a fairly good attitude about her lessons, and tries hard to concentrate for one or two more subjects after we get home from Children's. Oddly enough, I think she will be finished with PT long before she is finished with OT, but that's just my gut feeling.

Completed this week in addition to co-op class time:
  • Greek & German - lessons three days
  • Literature - She's working on her writing assignment for Jane Eyre. Next week she begins the pre-reading assignments and reading for Last of the Mohicans. I'm still waffling about showing her the movie, which I love. It's rated R though, and I tend to hide my eyes during a few scenes. Maybe she should just do that too.
  • Essay writing - (4 hours? Can you tell I don't have Homeschool Tracker open) Even though I'm teaching this at co-op and some of the students tend to view that as a license to blow off the homework, Amber understands it requires a bit more than a cursory attempt of the assignment. She actually works equally hard on her assignments as she would if we were going through Elegant Essay at home. I'm very pleased with the thoughtfulness and quality of her work. 
  • Math & Science - A couple of lessons in math and her astronomy homework.
  • Flute Lesson and practice - and an extra rehearsal at church, which cut an entire subject out of our Thursday lessons. 
Looking back, I can see that I failed to assign any history or government this week. I'm not sure how that worked out. Still Amber was busy all week and did an almost full week of assignments. We'll make it up next week. 

Proof of school work this week. 

Now, 11th grade planning:

First off, I've been so absolutely pleased with everything that we have used over the past few years from IEW. Amber's writing is leaps and bounds ahead of her local peers, and I attribute it entirely to Amber's enjoyment of writing, her dedication, and the quality instruction from IEW. It doesn't matter how much she enjoys writing, if the instruction provided is sub-par. 

Given this, I decided to teach the IEW Writing Research Papers class at our co-op next year. It will be a year-long course and Amber will be enrolled in it with me. We realized that research writing is one of the places where Amber needs to focus some attention. Conveniently, many students at our co-op realized during the debate course this year that they also need to polish on their research skills. It gives Amber the opportunity to work in a group on this course.  Amber will not work on any other IEW writing courses next year, unless we notice a problem area. 

Random Biscotti photo, because he's been my buddy this week. I've struggled with blood sugar lows all week and he's kept watch.
I've spent the majority of this week working on Amber's literature list for the remainder of 10th grade and through 12th grade. We already planned on using a mix of Hewitt Homeschooling's Lightning Literature (for Shakespeare) and Excellence in Literature for everything else. However, those are fairly vague plans and I needed to nail down which portions of each she will be completing. As of an hour ago, I think I have it finalized. At least until I notice something I might have forgotten. I even ordered all of the novels from Amazon to ensure we have everything needed when the time comes. More than one time this year we had to delay a literature assignment because when I went to get the book from our school shelf, it had mysteriously disappeared. Except it hadn't. Apparently, thinking about purchasing a book and actually doing so are two different things, for now. 

We've also decided to do more than encourage Amber to consider taking the ACT. She's been considering taking the practice test at home since October. Honestly, I don't believe she was considering it, and instead was trying to delay enough that we would give up. Now, we have decided she will take a practice test in the next month, and barring any disastrous results she will take the ACT in the fall of 11th grade. That also means I need to make myself more familiar with the process for requesting accommodations. Amber is expectedly not happy with this turn of events, yet is beginning to understand the benefits of taking the ACT. She may not technically need it for her first chosen college, but it will make things a lot simpler.

With Amber nearly halfway through high school, it is time to narrow her electives. She has a whole list of possible electives she wants to take, yet there will be time for only about half of them. As part of that whole thought process, we've also realized she might need to do a bit more of school this summer than last. It's just how things go. I tried to give her most of the summer off last year. This summer, we will be back to partial school days, excepting when we have fun things to do.

Amber is going to finish the last of her science credits this summer, which gives us more time to play with in her school day. I've also ordered her a geometry workbook that a friend recommended and even allowed me to look through. I feel she needs to at least attempt some of this, especially if she is going to take the ACT. The timing of her first ACT attempt, means Amber will need to work on math over the summer. Bummer for her.

I didn't even take this picture of Milori and Rosetta; Amber texted it to me while I was writing this post. So, bonus photo for you.
Lastly, I'm hoping to get an answer from Amber about her languages soon. Greek is her absolute favorite language. I'm not even exaggerating a tiny bit. Those are her words. However, she knows a more modern language is going to be accepted better, especially since her intended final university does not teach Greek. Therefore, she takes German as her second language. Latin, is Latin. She likes it, but not enough to work on it regularly. She has taken several years of Latin, so I allow it to slide in favor of Greek and German. Then there is Hebrew. Amber is interested in the language, and is working through a basic introduction to Hebrew letters and sounds in an attempt to decide if she wants to make it one of her electives... you know, just add it to that impossible list of electives.

I'm fairly concerned with my ability to provide Hebrew instruction. It's no secret that I'm struggling as her Greek instructor. Yes, I get the grammar and I'm able to clarify that for Amber. Unfortunately, I never mastered the alphabet, so I'm still looking up words to pronounce them. We've found quite a few errors in the teacher answer key of her current Greek curriculum, yet I don't initially realize the error because of my poor Greek reading skills. Amber has to explain to me why her answer is right, and I have to then research the words in question. Last week, there were three errors on one assignment, and I even recognized two of them. You know that has to be bad. 

At any rate, Hebrew is going to require more than I can provide. We've discussed hiring a Hebrew tutor and possibly a Greek one too. Our schedule makes that a bit cumbersome though. I've looked into the online classes at Memoria Press and they offer both Greek and Hebrew. Again, our schedule is a bit unorthodox and doesn't work well for live online classes. Then there is the fact that Amber does not do well at all with online learning. Which is a bummer for someone who would really benefit from that in college. Maybe I should put her in an online class now as a trial for college? Except she already has accommodations that say no required online learning, which doesn't mean she can't choose to attempt online learning. It just means that I'm probably going to be throwing my money away.

No wonder I'm tired this week; my brain has been in school overdrive and needs to take a rest. 

Next week we have a busy early week. My mom has a procedure that requires a driver and someone to watch over her for a while afterwards. We have a field trip to the planetarium with our homeschool group. Then there is daylight savings time, which always throws us for a loop for weeks following. Not to mention all the normal activities. I'm so thankful next week is not a PT/OT week. Whew.

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  1. I am trying to resist thinking about next year...I want to see how a few more things go first. My biggest struggle is finding a America Sign Language course for Anne. She wants to start taking classes at the local colleges, but they won't let her in until she is 18. I may need to hire her a tutor because she is way beyond me at this point.
    Blessings, Dawn