Saturday, March 24, 2018

Rainy Week - Part 1 (Week 27 - 10th)

It's been dreary, rainy, and cooler than average here for the entire week - one of those blah weeks, although we are eternally thankful for the rain. Our area has been in a severe drought for a while, but after the rain of the last couple of weeks we are listed as only "abnormally dry." Woohoo. We have more rain and storms forecasted for the weekend and next week, and those will hopefully put us into the normal moisture range again.

Amber and I took part of two different days to go clothing shopping at various stores for spring & summer casual and dressier clothes for us both. We accomplished the majority of our shopping goals, even if finding appropriate dress clothes for a teenager is near to impossible. I was horrified that Kohl's has bralettes in the juniors department and are marketing them as clothing instead of under garments. The majority of the dresses we found in the juniors departments also had fairly low-cut tops, low-cut v-necks, or were backless. I'm not even talking about formal-wear, which is another whole issue. These are church level dresses and some semi-casual dresses.

Thankfully, Amber is not interested in the clothing that I find inappropriate. She simply is not comfortable wearing those styles, so we do not have any disagreements about allowed clothing. This doesn't make it any easier to find acceptable dresses, but at least I don't have to argue with her about what I'm allowing her to take home.

Amber's Qwerkywriter S arrived yesterday. We still need to set it up. But now she can have a more tactile feel to typing on her iPad
School News:

Because of the much needed clothes shopping, we had fewer regular school lessons this week. Amber worked diligently on Monday and had a very full day of school. Tuesday and Thursday we went shopping, but also had flute lesson, and worked on Student Keys (more in a minute). We did have co-op this week, so she had a full day of lessons there as well. Friday was also Amber's normally scheduled day at Children's, however her PT had to cancel so we only had OT.  Instead of rushed school before OT, we met my mother for lunch since we had not seen her for over a week. Then after OT we ran to the grocery store in the pouring rain.

We've been working through a product called Student Keys to help assess Amber's personality style, learning style, and cognitive thinking style. This has been an eye-opening experience and we've learned quite a bit about how Amber best interacts with the world. Unexpectedly, Amber rather enjoyed the whole process. I decided to take advantage of her interest, and instead of school after our shopping excursions we worked for hours each day on the various parts of Student Keys. So, while it wasn't her planned lessons for the week, we made great progress in helping Amber to understand her learning needs.

Art homework: Oil Pastels carnation drawn from a picture. The teacher helped with color selection. 
Another goal of Amber's is to work on assignments with longer term due dates. Her literature assignments are perfect examples of ways to practice this skill. She still needs reminders when I give the assignment to put it on her calendar. Because she is such a planner and rigid when her plans do not line up with reality, she is having some trouble making time for long-term assignments. Apparently, even when a task in on her calendar / planner, Amber does not mentally plan for assignments. Therefore when she realizes she needs to change her mental plans for an evening or the weekend, it is almost painful and she struggles with the change.

This is a two-fold issue. The ability to change plans and be more spontaneous is something that the occupational therapist has been working on with Amber for a couple of years. We have seen some progress. However, she also needs to stop making mental plans for her free time without consulting the information available. Amber often asks me our schedule for the weekend prior to planning out her time, which is something she didn't do in the past. Still, she needs to consult her own planner as well.  So, it's a goal in progress right now.

All of that to say: reading of Last of the Mohicans is due on April 2nd, and Amber has not liked putting time toward it. I might have inadvertently caused Amber to be prejudiced against this book though. Part of the pre-reading assignment in Excellence in Literature includes an article by Mark Twain on Cooper's writing. Amber found Twain's description of Cooper's writing hilarious at the time. Although now she can only see the writing style through Twain's eyes, which is causing her to be negatively influenced and dislike the novel. Ugh.

Milori looks so calm and peaceful, and he was very happy. Not at all like this morning when he went into evil bonkers cat mode upon seeing the feral cat. It's an ongoing process to calm him down.
Coming Up:
Next week is Holy Week and even though we do not have co-op (yay for a small break), we do have our regular lessons at home. I'm sure we will take some time off to visit my nephews when they are staying at my mom's house. Fred has Good Friday as a company holiday, so I doubt we will get much done that day either. Otherwise, I'm going to be a stickler and insist on lessons. The weather is supposed to be pretty yucky again anyway, so we can stay inside and work on school.

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  1. The student keys sound interesting. Is that a review item that you will be talking about soon? We struggle with finding long enough clothes too. We find shorts to be a huge challenge.
    Blessings, Dawn