Friday, March 30, 2018

Rainy Week - Part 2 (Week 28 - 10th)

Honestly, I wasn't sure what to expect from this week. We had some fairly important errands to make happen this week, my mom had my nephews for a few days, and Fred is now off today for Good Friday. Through all of that, Amber managed three full days of at-home school. I suppose it helps that we did not have co-op this week either. Still, this is the closest we are getting to spring break this year. Or really any year. We don't take spring break as a rule, but instead we take off whatever days we need to take off randomly throughout the year.

Today we are enjoying the sun, which hasn't been seen for eons in our part of Missouri, and it is expected to hide away again starting tomorrow. Although we definitely needed the rain, we are all caught up and the dreariness of the cloudy / rainy days is getting to everyone in our area.  Fred even mowed the yard today for the first time this year and we opened the patio door for a while to let in the fresh air. We have snow forcasted on Easter, and it appears that the whole St. Louis metro area is outside today.

No, they aren't obviously siblings. 
The damp and cold weather here has been causing joint pain for both me and Rosetta. She's been getting crankier each day and her pain meds were not doing enough, so today I took her in for cold-laser therapy to reduce inflammation. This evening she is already running around feeling better. I wish I could take a few of those sessions to feel better too.

Even though the week was gloomy, I think my nephews had a great time visiting Grandma on their spring break. We caught up with them on Tuesday for some bowling. Technically, Amber is not supposed to bowl - it's her loose & hypermobile joints with the great chance of dislocation, oh.. right she has dislocated her shoulder and fingers bowling before. Still, she's made such progress in PT, that I let her try. I don't think she dislocated or even subluxed anything, for which I am ever grateful. She does have great difficulty bowling though, because of her hip instability and she can't wear her orthotics in rented bowling shoes. She does a wobbly scissor walk up to the line and then some how releases the ball absolutely sideways across her body because her arm / shoulder can't handle the weight and go straight. It is quite the sight to see. Oddly enough, she came in second all three games, with one of her cousins always managing the top position.

Game 2 & 3 - the older two bowled some of their best games ever; the youngest was below his average on these two games.
The nearly 7 year old cousin bowls league and has much better form than the 10 year old and 16 year old. He did win the first game, but he started getting tired and the other two powered past him. He also needs a heavier ball, since his little 6-pound ball doesn't get the momentum going to knock down all the pins, even when he hits the pocket (see, don't I sound like I know what I'm talking about). The new ball is his birthday present from us. Next time he plays, the other two better watch out because he is going to be unstoppable.

In school this week (3 days of school):

  • 6 Grammar lessons
  • 3 Government lessons
  • 3 Greek lessons
  • 3 German lessons
  • 1 Creative writing lesson
  • 2 Literature sessions (Last of the Mohicans)
  • Art homework from co-op (working on her oil pastels project)
  • Elegant Essay homework from co-op
  • Flute lesson & practice

I'm sure there are other things we could have counted as school hours, however we no longer count hours that are not going towards high school credits. There just isn't any reason to count those hours.

Working on languages. So many charts all the time. And we still use the dry erase wall!
This week it really hit me that Amber's time in high school is nearly half over. I do not have that much time remaining with her at home. We also have her subjects for the remaining years nearly locked down. I'm sure we could change a few things if she wanted, but overall, things are set. The last two years have more electives than the first two years, at least at home. She is quickly completing the required courses, and will have time for more interest courses. 

Our homeschool co-op is setting up their schedule for next school year, and there are some exciting classes coming up for Amber's age group.  The majority of those classes will go towards fine arts elective credits, but a couple will be part of her remaining needed credits - and that's fantastic. She so loves her time with friends at co-op, and we will let her spend those days there even if she can't get credit for the classes. 

Lunch out helps with the doldrums. 
Next week it is back to our standard schedule, including co-op, PT / OT, and flute rehearsal at church. That's about it for now.  

I hope everyone has a blessed Easter weekend.

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  1. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter. The cold blast just doesn't stop. Hopefully the sun will come out soon.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Happy Easter!! It is colder here than we are used to for Easter season as well. I'm realizing how short the time is with my daughter as well - she will graduate next year, and although it's doubtful that she will move away to college immediately, it will still be a drastic change in many ways to NOT be homeschooling her!

  3. Happy Easter! It has been nice spring weather here the last few days. Today we went back to the snow and colder weather. Bowling sounds like it was fun! My son just started as a freshman this year and I feel like our time has gone fast. I can't believe we are homeschooling high school already.