Friday, March 2, 2018

The Week of Kitty Photos (Week 24 - 10th)

Another week completed. It wasn't a remarkable week in anyway, except that our normal seems to include a great deal more lessons than our normal in the past. I'm not even sure when it happened. I always had idealistic schedules that we never quite managed to realize. At some point this semester, perhaps even at the beginning, our minimum daily lessons increased.

All of my pictures this week include cats. This is Rosetta and Milori playing together. Milori appears to be recovered with no negative side effects.
Maybe I'm stricter with Amber. Maybe Amber is more dedicated to her lessons. Maybe we've struck a perfect balance between at-home lessons and co-op lessons. It does not feel like we are doing anything different, yet when I compare her school hours in January and February of this year to her hours any other month in the past two years, there is a striking increase. I know I have not relaxed my recording techniques; if anything I am stricter on what I will record.

While I'm happy at this increase in productivity, I would like to discern how it has happened to ensure we continue.

Silliness with Biscotti. He's actually happy and purring. In the second picture he looks angry, but he's actually trilling.
This week felt like an easy week even though we had all of our normal commitments plus a yearbook meeting this afternoon. Amber definitely has more energy and endurance on days when she does not work with mathematics. It is uncanny. And it has gotten to the point that I am reluctant to ask her to do a math lesson, since I know what the end result will be. Still we slowly are continuing with her consumer math, just not this week.

Amber did a great deal of driving again this week and she is progressing in some areas, while in other areas I am concerned with her judgement. I hope in time she will become more proficient in all areas.

The feral cat that lives in our neighborhood and we feed. We have a kitty house on our back patio where he can sleep and we put out fresh kibble, wet food, and water daily. He comes daily. We named him Socks. And yes, that path near the planter on our patio is his path. He created it and keeps it worn down, and we let him. It goes all the way to the back of our yard and to the storm sewer.
Amber spent a good deal of her time this week on creative writing, languages (Greek, German, and English), and literature. She also worked daily on history or government. Of course, we had co-op where I teach her science class, and her regular flute lesson. All in all, she managed exactly 30 hours of school this week. And that was during what felt like an easy week. If only all weeks could be like this one.

Tonight Amber is out with our church senior high youth group, but thankfully she has nothing else going on this weekend other than co-op homework and church on Sunday. I think keeping our weekends relatively relaxing is helping her be more productive during the week. Maybe. Aren't I so insightful?

More Biscotti fun. He was being playful, but every time I get my phone out for a picture he tries to hide.

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  1. Wow, how wonderful to have hit a nice stride. I have one child who is feeling burned out and another who is working away but much of her life is consumed with dance. It is a balance.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. I feel like we are so close to finishing up a few subjects but I already can tell my boys are dragging their feet because they know finishing up some subjects means doubling up on others and of course those subjects we are double up on are not their favorites...