Friday, April 13, 2018

Standardized Testing Part 1 (Week 30 - 10th)

I'm not sure this week counts as one of our regular school year weeks, considering the only thing we accomplished was two days of standardized testing, co-op, and sick days. Okay, Amber did spend roughly seven hours Sunday and Monday working on the rough draft of her descriptive essay. Then, that is balanced by the fact we didn't even finish the standardized testing. Amber still needs to complete the math portion and the OLSAT, but she caught my cold before we could get to those portions.

Writing her essay rough draft. She prefers to use her iPad & QwerkywriterS than a computer.
A quick disclaimer: no, standardized testing is not required in Missouri. Nothing is required, except a specific set of hours that we do not even turn in documentation to prove. At any rate, we test Amber because:
  1. She was tested in parochial school, and it felt right to keep checking on her progress.
  2. To give her testing practice.
  3. I always had a nagging feeling we would need it - and I was right. It helped a great deal when doing the neuropsychology testing last fall, since the doctor could see her past and current performance as well as compare it to his test results. 
Co-op classes this week went very well - at least for me. It was a relatively easy week for me as the teacher, but I'm sure the students felt otherwise. They were working on essay edits in one class after turning in their rough drafts the day before class, and then practicing presentations of their debate in another class. I still had to actually teach astronomy and work on the spectroscopy lab with them. It still was relatively little work for me, and more on the students. Yippie. It was perfect timing too, since I was just getting over a rather annoying cold that robbed me of my remaining energy.

Her favorite part - filling in her name.
I also ended up back at the rheumatologist again today, but thankfully just for an anti-inflammatory injection. My blood work all came back basically the same as October - Sjogren's antibody is off the scale and iron levels are still a tad low. No new antibodies, and the x-rays looked good. Whew! That means my joint pain and swelling are from a fairly major Sjogren's flare, which isn't a good thing in itself, but is better than having RA. The 4-day taper of prednisone did help some, yet by the last day my joints were already swelling again. I'm starting an 18-day taper tomorrow, which I dread a bit. Mixing prednisone with my diabetes is not my idea of fun, although I assume it's better than allowing the Sjogren's to continue to flare. 

Next week begins our four to five weeks of a crazy schedule, so we plan to rest this weekend and take care of a few things around the house. Here's to hoping we can finish Amber's testing next week!

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  1. Okay, I have never heard of the QwerkyWriterS before seeing this photo and now I'm very curious! Although there may not be as many boxes checked off this week, it looks like Amber still accomplished a lot with the essay, co-op, and standardized testing.