Saturday, April 21, 2018

Surprisingly Productive (Week 31 - 10th)

I did not have high hopes for school this week, yet have been refreshingly surprised.

Monday we decided to have our April Amber & Mom day. We shopped and shopped - well, we went to the shoe store for fun shopping and came out with a couple of pairs each; to Target for not fun but necessary items; and then to Kohl's because I had a 30% off and Kohl's cash burning a hole in my wallet. It was a bit chilly, but at least it didn't snow.

Tuesday. I was sure would be a bust and had mentally prepared for an unproductive day. Amber had spa appointments for her eyebrows and hair in the late morning, which always translates to lunch on the way home too. Amazingly, she was able to complete the last of her standardized testing Tuesday afternoon by struggling through the math portion of the Stanford 10 and sailing the OLSAT. Hooray for being finished with the testing.

The rest of the week has been pleasantly productive. Over the weekend, Amber had completed her astronomy homework and finished the final draft of her descriptive essay, so she was set for co-op without any last minute work. Oddly, her homework usually comes from the co-op classes I teach. And on that note, I was more than a little relieved that I had given my essay class the option of turning in their final drafts in class this week, instead of the day before classes. Prednisone has been hard to deal with at the higher dose and longer taper. I wasn't up for grading essays the day before co-op.

Working on her persuasive essay for co-op class 
Still, co-op went well again this week, nevertheless I'm excited to have only two more weeks left. Amber is dreading her summer time away from the busy activity of classes. She just gets another day of at-home lessons when co-op is finished, where I get s reprieve from lesson plans, teaching, and grading.

Amber got herself back on track for a full day of regular school lessons one day this week. Just the one, but our schedule isn't her fault. During that one day she wrote parts of her literature essay and completed all of the introductory assignments for her next novel. This was in addition to her regularly scheduled lessons. I was pleased with her dedication even if she wasn't thrilled with the length of the school day.

Yesterday was a medical day for Amber. Three consecutive appointments at Children's means I don't assign school before or after the appointments, considering  all are the type of appointments to drain her physically and mentally. We appreciate the ability to now schedule these all on the same day and only lose one day of school.

My to-do list for the weekend is extensive, but it's mainly all household items, grading essays, and planning science lab. The prednisone has kept me rather wired, so I'm ahead of where I normally would be this time in the week, but behind overall in household tasks for the season. Yesterday was inexplicably draining on me, so I started the weekend at an energy deficit that merely sleeping late could not fix.

In the evenings, we've started watching the older tv show Firefly as a family. Fred and I have seen it numerous times, given that we own the dvds. We always considered Amber too young for it, until suddenly she wasn't. We decided she was definitely still too young to see Serentity though, except when checking our copy of the movie I noticed it is rated PG-13. I could have sworn it was definitely an R rated movie. So now watching Serenity is up for consideration as Fred and I ponder how faulty our memory might be in respect to the movie. We did skip one episode of Firefly already, because ... Reavers. We gave Amber a nice summary of the plot and moved to the next episode on the disc.

Amber playing Horizon: Zero Dawn
I've also been playing Amber's PS4 game, Horizon: Zero Dawn when I'm too wired to sit still. We gave her a PS4 of her own at Christmas, and ended up purchasing the complete edition of the game again for her PS4 (curse you Sony and your weird account rules). Amber replayed the game on her PS4, and basically abandoned her saved game on the family PS4.  So... since Amber had completed the game, and the DLC, and had a fully loaded character all under my Playstation account, I made a New Game+ loadout to replay the game myself. One of the more recent game updates also added a story mode difficulty option, which I'm using. Amber laughs at how easy it is on story mode. Even her first time though she played on normal - not easy. Story mode makes the easy level look ridiculously hard. Amber has completed the whole gsme on both hard and very hard levels twice, and is gearing up to try ultra hard. I'm a wimp. I'm the person who actively seeks out cheat codes and wants the games super easy. I've always been like this.

My way of playing Horizon frustrates Amber.  She watches me play to give me hints, and help me with my inability to work the map. She is great at sneaking around to compete her tasks. I just bumble through in the brute force method. Because this is Amber's previous saved game character, it has every possible upgrade and piece of equipment. Nothing really can hurt my character configured this way and using the story mode, so it's very low stress. Unlike SimCity years ago. We were discussing this the other evening when Amber was airing her frustration at my methods. I explained that I was always the person using the cheat codes for infinite funds in SimCity, at which Fred chimes in, "And she turned off disasters because they are too stressful." Yep, that's me. I also enjoy cheat codes in the LEGO games. Amber doesn't get me. She likes the challenge, while I like the game play without the challenge. Life is challenging enough. I want easy games. And I'm getting old with hands that are not as quick as they once were.

Unfortunately, I won't have time for Horizon this weekend, or next week. I'm going to have to adult for a while now. At least we made it through the first of our ridiculously busy weeks with some school progress to show. That's a win for the good guys.

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  1. I am glad the week went better than expected. That is always a relief. I have never really played video games. I think I would want it to be super easy too.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Sounds like a very fun week! Glad you could enjoy an Amber and Mom Day, and still have a productive school week too!