Friday, April 6, 2018

The Week That Got Away (Week 29 - 10th)

The big news around here is that we finally got out of the constant rain! Just in time to have snow on Easter and snow forecasted for this weekend too. It's just crazy around here. 

Our co-op classes are going well and we're having fun with them still. I actually enjoy helping these kids and I'm pleased with the experiences Amber is able to have in her classes. More importantly, Amber still LOVES her days at co-op and is learning from other parents topics that I cannot teach her. For example: art :)

Easter - the weather didn't keep the cousins from being together
Our school week at home was not as productive as it could have been. Amber and I weren't feeling the best on Monday after a busy Easter. We did alright Tuesday and Wednesday, especially with co-op in there. Thursday was a bust all around, and I never did figure out why. We made it to flute practice and Amber's extra flute rehearsal at church, yet that was about it besides going to the grocery store. Then today was another lost day, but Fred did take Amber to her physical therapy and occupational therapy sessions. So, there's one thing that went right this week.

We focused this week on mostly English and Government, excepting for the co-op classes. Amber has finished The Last of the Mohicans and is now working on her literary analysis essay of the novel. She's also writing her descriptive essay for the writing class at co-op. Of course, we also did grammar, creative writing, and lots of flute practice.

Amber found her Easter basket first at Grandma's - it's always a race. And the beginning of our Easter sleet/snow storm.
Honestly, this was the most boring and uneventful week around here. I did have a last minute rheumatology appointment today after sending an update to my rheumatologist on Wednesday evening. I expected to receive an acknowledgement of my message, and to discuss anything necessary at my appointment in May. Instead I was called for an appointment today, and most thankfully Fred was able to take off work to accompany Amber to her appointments. Apparently, the state of my joints is not necessarily related to Sjogren's. After another large blood donation so all of my autoimmune markers can be checked again, I was sent off for x-rays too. Now I wait, and take prednisone - which I hate. I'm rather grumpy about this, and my hands hurt too much to type much more today anyway. 

Next week is our last easy week for a while. The remainder of April and then half of May is a busy, hectic time for us with medical appointments, fun events (prom!), flute performances, and drama performance.  I am going to attempt to make the most of our time at home next week.

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  1. sometimes a boring and uneventful week is a good thing in a way. Hope you can recharge a bit before the next round of crazy busy starts! I know that feeling. :-) Thanks for linking up!

  2. Sometimes boring weeks are good. The fast paced speed of modern life needs little breaks here and there. It is wonderful that Amber gets so much out of co-op.
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. We're having crazy weather here too! It seems like that is one topic I'm reading on most blogs. Lots of cold rain and late season snowstorms.