Sunday, April 1, 2018

Third Quarter Update (10th Grade)

While looking over Amber's progress for this semester, I came to the realization that her third quarter of tenth grade was complete. It's astonishing to think how quickly time is passing.

Although she has completed three of the five months in our official second semester, I'm still calling this the end of third quarter. Technically, in Missouri we record hours through June on the current school year, and since Amber will be schooling over the summer that makes April first the mid-point of second semester.

Checking progress to date:

  • 500 of 600 required core subject hours (yes.. exactly 500)
  • 790 of 1000 total hours 
We are not at all concerned about making her hours required by the state of Missouri. She's in excellent shape at this point.

Courses / Credits:
This feels a little harder to analyze. Amber has quite a few partially finished credits that we've been spreading over a couple of years. If we total everything, she is right on track - ahead even. Still, writing it out, looks a bit odd sometimes.

Science: (10th grade only)
  • Meteorology (first semester) - completed. 1/2 credit
  • Astronomy (second semester) - 5 weeks remaining of co-op. 1/2 credit
  • Marine Biology - book work nearly complete. 1/2 credit course

History / Social Studies: (Cumulative - although she's worked on all of these during 10th grade)
  • Government - somewhere over half completed. I expect her to finish this year. 1/2 credit
  • U.S. History - Half finished? Roughly? We took breaks for other history subjects. Eventually she will have 1 credit from it. We plan to finish in 11th grade. 
  • Western Civilization -  Nearly completed, will be finished in May. 1/2 credit
  • Ancient History - Half finished. She will finish it second semester of 11th grade. 1 credit, eventually.

English: (10th grade only)
  • English II - She already has more than enough hours for the credit. We're still finishing the grammar, literature, and writing I deem necessary for the credit. She'll be finished by the end of May. 1 credit
  • Creative Writing: Almost 1 credit. She's hoping to finish it up over the summer. 

  • Consumer Math - Maybe a third complete? It will get finished by January 2019. That's our goal. Eventually 1 credit

Foreign Language:  (Cumulative)
  • German - 1+ credit so far. She began in middle school with German, and I haven't quite decided how much of that to credit. So for now, we are calling it 1+ credits.  
  • Greek - Almost 1 credit. Since we started at an odd time last school year, she only now has completed a full year. 
  • Latin - 1/4 credit. She did take several years of it in late elementary and middle school, and earned a little bit doing a refresh. She is still deciding if she wants to take Latin next year with the German and Greek, or include Hebrew instead. 

Fine Arts: (10th grade only)
  • Art - co-op art class has not completed yet, and she has 1/2 credit to date already.
  • Music - ongoing flute lessons and performances. 1/4 credit already this school year. Does not include anything from last school year, or what will still be earned this year.
  • Drama - co-op drama class has not completed yet or had their performance. Already 1/3 credit. 
9th grade looked similar in the fine arts, and we have no reason to believe 11th and 12th will look much different. She's going to have a good many fine arts elective credits.

Practical Arts: (10th grade only)
  • Sewing / Needle arts - 1/4 credit so far. Not too shabby
  • General - 1/3 credit so far. We count her occupational therapy under this category. After seeing some of the things they cover in OT, I think many of us need a little OT help, or an OT course. :-)
  • Driver's Ed - A little dribble of time. 
We're not terribly concerned by this subject either. Amber has her whole credit earned already and it looks like she will be taking a home economics class at co-op next year. So, all is well.


Overall she is right on track and even ahead on her credits. She will be finishing her last half credit of science over the summer and then have more time for her language electives.

Math is the one place she struggles. We have some ideas to implement and she is going to need to review some math concepts prior to taking the ACT in the fall. She'll survive math and live to curse it in multiple languages.

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